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To visit Vanch can be rather confusing; you might see someone wearing a Doblian style conical wide-brimmed hat, Darjinni elevated clog shoes, a Dara Happan fancy hairstyle, a Lunar toga, and Pentan style painted fingernails. This is because the inhabitants of Vanch believe strongly in copying the best ideas from their neighbors and believe dignity is for the weak. The two national mottos are 'do not hesitate to stoop to conquer' and 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery'. Or they would be if they were that honest. They serve the Great Raccoon and number Raccoon Hsunchen among their numbers.

Vanch is an allied Kingdom with its own King; the kings and queens wear masks always and take on titles; the current king is King Gatherer, and he has gathered much wealth for his nation. Vanchite traders swarm up and down the Oslir, finding the best ideas, improving them and sending the profits home.

Vanch is too dry for rice and too cold for a lot of cash crops but grows profuse grains and vegetables, raises sheep, cattle, pigs and goats, and mines metal in the hills.

Vanch fields forces of slingers and light infantry, backed by Dara Happan style heavy foot and light cavalry armed with spears and slings. Vanchian slingers have a magical knack for hurling just about anything they can pick up; one Vanchian myth tells the story of how the Great Racoon flung the Great Bear with his sling at Oslira when she threatened to eat him. Then she choked on Great Bear, who went to sleep in her throat because it was dark and cold there. She no longer comes near the Great Raccoon's lands.

Isildin's Sin

The ancestors of the Vanchites were part of the nation of the High Folk. Their king was Isildin and he saw the Great Darkness rising and believed the only hope was to turn to Chaos and pact with it before it destroyed them. But you can't bargain with Chaos and the wise fled, led by the Great Raccoon to a refuge. What happened next, no one knows but this area was the result; the inhabitants, not counting random chaotic monsters, are the hideous Isildini, mockeries of the human form but with warped four eyed heads, two mouths, hideous claws and thick fur. Every so often, they swarm out in a great tide and have to be stopped; more often, they raid in small groups.

Deep within Isildin's sin are mountains made of glass, paper, fire, vomit, and other odd substances; the Isildini sometimes call forth chunks of the mountain into strange shapes to join their armies as golems. There is rumored to be a literal mountain of gold but few are crazy enough to go looking for it.

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