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Queen of Clubs - The Council of Lycanthropes

Long ago, Mother Gaia and her Children wove the world into existence from the warp of Grandfather Spider's Web and the woof of Mother Hydra's Raging Sea, and for a time it was good. But the Rainbow Serpent was jealous that she had not been invited to contribute, so she added her own gift, dreams of possibilities, of many things which could be. For a time, that too was good, until one day, somehow, someone broke the world and all those dreams tore it apart into many worlds, but for a time, that too was good.

But now Mother Gaia sleeps and the world is dying and we have to DO something.

Before she slept, Mother Gaia created all the Shifterkin to try to knit the world together, giving them spiritual gifts and Wardens, great spirits to watch over them. Those kin have assembled across the many worlds in the Council of Lycanthropes, trying to heal the world and endlessly squabbling with each other and being screwed with by the Rainbow Serpent, who is still pissy he wasn't consulted on the whole thing.

The two Vampire affiliations are the especially enemies of the Council, who see both as inherently corrupt, but in practice, the vampires control cities in the worlds they exist in and the lycanthrops the countryside.

Dens are the focus of Lycanthrope Society, places where leylines cross and you can easily tap the Blood of Gaia, a green fluid which can be used for many spiritual purposes by Lycanthropes. Unfortunately, almost every other kind of supernatural ALSO wants these Dens and you have to fight them for them. Ironically, every city contains one or more that most Vampires basically ignore, for they do not know how to tap Gaia's Blood. Often, other supernaturals claim these. Spirits crave Gaia's Blood and it's very useful for bargaining with them.


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