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King of Diamonds - Travelled with Dr. ManWhat?

You went on a trip with Dr. ManWhat? and... look, your opthamologist says your eyes cannot bleed forever.


Roll to See Where You Went

  1. Fought Nazi Trashcans on the Planet Haephestus: That pool ball turned out to have a monster in it!
  1. Do it in the Key of Awesome!: You transform into an idol singer, which isn't much good for fighting, but man, you have a lot of pocket money now.
  1. Elemental Power, MAKEUP!: You have acquired a makeup kit carefully enchanted with Hermetic magic that transforms you into a potent Elemental being; you use it to fight ancient evil and impress cute boys (or girls! or both!).
  1. Form of... A Sherman Tank!: You turn into a literal tank.
  1. ROCK ME LIKE A HURRICANE!!!!: You transform into a cyberpunk Rocker Girl; despite having no disguise magic, no one ever recognizes you like this, probably because you normally don't have a giant pink reverse-mohawk.