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Arthurian Geography

The Isles of Britain

Fancy Map of Britain (HUGE): [[Here]]

Nations and Dynasties:

Cymric Kingdoms:

Irish Lands:

Pictish Lands

Saxon Lands

France in 525 AD

France is divided into five kingdoms:

Kingdom of Brittany: Brittany was settled in the last century or so by waves of refugees from Britain. While it gave haven to Uther and Ambrosius in exile, its current King, Mark, has little love for King Arthur but is now forced to be his Vassal. He also rules Totnes, in Logres, holding it in fief from the Duchy of Cornwall. Mark has two children, Prince Matthew (490- ) and Princess Maria (493- )

Kingdom of France: The Franks first entered the Roman empire in the late 300s as foederati, invited in to defend the frontier; the current Duchy of Flanders was their original home. As Roman authority collapsed, they gradually pushed south, overruning most of their current territory in the aftermath of Chalons-sur-Marne, after Aetius' death. Their advance has been slowed by the periodic division of the Kingdom among heirs who then kill each other until one reunites the whole thing. King Claudus I was the latest beneficiary of this process, triumphing over his siblings in the early 480s. He was aided by Roman Catholic priests, and has converted his people to Roman Christianity as a result. However, King Claudus I has died as of 489 AD and now his children have taken Power: Childebert (Anjou and Berry), Dagobert(Normandy and Flanders), Gaiseric(half of Champagne, Burgundy, March of Lorraine), and Claudus II (Ile-de-France, half of Champagne, March of Alsace). Dagobert is, as of 491 AD, a prisoner of Praetor Sygagius, and Claudus II now holds the Duchy of Flanders. Childebert is, as of 507 AD, a prisoner of Claudus II of France. In 511 the Burgundians revolted against Gaiseric, and in 513, he was captured by Claudus II. Claudus II (464-) now rules uncontested and seems to be initiating some governmental reforms. He has also instituted a system of yearly tournaments to keep his troublesome vassals quiet. However, he has been conquered by the Ostrogoths.

Kingdom of Ganis: Currently non-extant, it once encompassed Benoit (Benwick), Bordeaux, Ganis, and Limoges.

Kingdom of Gaul: Loosely united under the leadership of King Louis of Dauphin, the Gaulite Counties and Duchies owe higher fealty to King Theodoric of Italy.

Province (Duchy) of Normandy: This land, ruled by Praetor Magunnus, owes fealty to King Arthur and is considered part of the Kingdom of Logres. It is currently assisting the Gauls, Brittany, and the Ostrogoths in beating up France.

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