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Angar, son of Marl, Thunder Rebel - Initiate of Orlanth

Marl, son of Hagar and Ingrid, daughter of Jorra, were wed fifteen years ago, and a year later, Angar, their eldest child was born. Angar took after his father, loud, active, forceful and rather reckless. He nearly died trying to wrestle a calf that came after one of his siblings but was proud of his scars.

Only three days before his initiation, Grazers hit the village, caught by surprise by their dark magics. Many were hurt and Angar's cousin Harfast lost an eye and a hand. Angar was not allowed to fight but helped move the injured to where they could be treated afterwards, along with all the boys and girls scheduled to initiate soon.

So it was under a cloud that Angar and a dozen other boys all initiated into manhood at the age of 14 (and one fifteen year old who had been too sick the previous year). During his initiation, when thrown in the pit of evils, he organized those in the pit to break out and overcome the evil uncles who threw him in, personally throwing one of them into the pit himself. Grazers showed up in the middle of their effort to head to the Good Uncle's Stead and carried off most of the boys and girls. Harrid escaped but doesn't know how (Braneld found him by the side of the road, injured, lying on a sledge, and healed him), Angar escaped because he could now fly, and they assembled a force of Braneld, who was now an initiate of Chalanna Arroy, Yora, who surprised no one by going Eurmali, Yrse, who had become a Shaman of Kolat (to everyone's shock), Jarnger (second cousin to Angar, now an initiate of Issaries) and Tybalt, a wandering Lhankor Mhy initiate, who had *no idea* how he had gotten into the middle of this bullshit, beyond blaming something called 'Rokari'.

Together, they rescued everyone, defeated the Grazers, and then somehow stumbled into the Unity Battle and fought in it, then woke up back in the temple of Orlanth (if male) or the temple of Ernalda (if female) with the surviving initiates. (One boy and one girl were never seen again and one of the boys was dead. Everyone else was mauled to various degrees.)

Angar was honored for taking the lead and feels quite proud of himself. He's been on some raids since then, but they didn't have the thrill of that desperate struggle.

So now he's looking for a grand quest to show his mettle! Perhaps they can hunt down this 'Rokari' monster that drove Tybalt from his homeland!

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