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Universal Moves

You can try to do anything which fits the fiction; the below moves are mechanical ways to resolve common game situations but are not an exhaustive list of what you can do. You can try to do anything which fits the laws of physics and your resources; these are just resolution mechanisms when the fiction could go in several directions depending on success or failure.

(IE, think 'I hit his hand with my blade' instead of 'I use Smite Foe on him', especially since, depending on your ultimate objective, you might really be trying to protect someone else, so your real action is Protect Ally or even Take a Hit)

General Moves

Aid Ally (+History)

When you directly assist someone you have history with, roll +History:


Defy Danger (+ANY / Special)

When you are trying to act under pressure or threat of danger, say how you deal with it and

Then consult this:

Example: Angar, Thunder Rebel, is being chased through the streets of Pavis by Lunar soldiers. He can't really think of a way to play to his strengths, so he just RUNS AS FAST AS HE CAN... which does let him use his +1 Grace. Instead... he rolls a 4. 4+1=5! Ack! He rounds a corner and finds more soldiers in front of him; he gets swarmed, wrapped in chains and thrown in a cell.

Intimidate (+Might)

When you are bullying someone into submission through strength and threats, roll +Might.

Example: Centurion Esfir has cornered an obnoxious Thunder Rebel and tries to Intimidate him by threatening him with a month in jail if he doesn't tell her where he stashed the loot. She doesn't just arrest him now because she can't prove he knows or was involved. She has Might +2 and rolls 11 + 2 = 13! She chooses 'he gives me what I want' and 'he doesn't try to deceive me'. The MC chooses 'They flee or otherwise get out of the way.' The Thunder Rebel confesses where he stashed the treasure but when she turns to her scribe to make sure he got it all down, the Rebel books it.

Protect Others (+Grace)

When you are trying to protect a person, place, or thing you roll +Grace.

You can spend hold when you or the thing you defend is attacked, at a cost of 1 each:

Example: Angar finds Tybalt a very strange man, but he knows Orlanth would always defend a friend, so he now declares Protect Others, to ensure the Troll doesn't follow up by eating Tybalt on the floor. He rolls a 6 + 1 Grace = 7. He gets one hold. Then, when the troll attacks Tybalt, he uses his one hold to make it hit him, so he can then use Take a Hit to try and *survive* the troll's attack.

Read a Person (+Wits)

When you try to get information from someone by conversation or interrogation, roll +Wits:

At any point during the conversation, you can spend 1 hold to ask one of the following; the target must answer truthfully.

Some moves may allow you to ask additional or different questions.

Example: Angar is trying to shake down three captured Rain Blossoms (warriors of a rival clan). They insist they were just hunting, not scouting for a raid. He rolls an 11, and adds +0 for his Wits. He gets three hold and asks, "Are you telling the truth?" They answer, "No." "What do you intend to do?" he asks. "Scout for a raid to carry off that bitch Yora who stole our cattle." Angar could spend his last hold, but feels he knows enough.

Read a Situation (+Wits)

When examining a situation, roll +Wits:

Example: Tybalt, Mercenary Malkioni Sorceror, is at the Geo's Inn in Boldhome; there is a motley crew of adventurers, criminals, refugees and three Lunar soldiers wearing duck-feather hats. He's supposed to meet a contact from the Iron Shadows, a criminal gang, to get some information but this place makes him wary even with Angar and Alanna with him. So he rolls +Wits (he has Wits +1) and rolls a 10+1=11! Sweet! He asks the MC 'What's the fastest escape route out of here?', 'Who's the toughest person in the room?' and 'Who knows more than they're letting on?'. The MC tells him 'Run out the front door', 'the troll in booth 8', and 'the blindfolded man eating soup in booth 3'. He was told to look for soup, so he heads for booth 3 with his companions, keeping a wary eye on the troll.

Read Omems (+Magic)

You need a holy space and a sacrifice worth 1 wealth. You then ask the MC a question and roll +Magic.

Example: Anya, Priestess of Ernalda, is about to set out on a quest to recover a Second Age EWF banner which is needed to get a Thunder Spirit to go away and stop bothering everyone and wrecking sacred ceremonies. (IE, it is leverage for a Smooth Talk check.) She sacrifices a pig to Ernalda and reads its entrails while inhaling sacred incense. She has Magic +2 and rolls a 5; this is a 7, so she has a vision of Zorak Zoran throwing Yelmalio off a cliff, then dancing around triumphantly. This is actually a clue that the banner is buried under rocks at the base of a cliff in the Sundomer Territories where they were once defeated by trolls. But she just has the vision. Which could lead her to go to the Hill of Gold or go messing about with Trolls. That's the price.

Resist Magic (+Magic)

When you are the target of a malign magical effect, roll+Magic.

Example: Angar (Magic -1), Yrsa (Magic +1), and Braneld (Magic +2) are confronted by a Broo Shaman, who sends Fear Spirits at them. Angar rolls a 5 - 1 = 4! He fails and flees screaming to his embarrassment. Yrsa rolls a 6, adds 1 and gets a 7. She decides she will be disoriented, taking -1 forward. Braneld rolls an 8, adds 2 and gets 10. She resists the spell.

Smite Foe (+Might)

When you attack someone able to defend themselves with a goal of taking them out of action, roll +Might.

Example: Angar, Thunder Rebel, has had enough of the Lunar Soldier mouthing off to him. He whips out his spear and stabs the man, because flying off the handle is in his god's wheelhouse. He has Might +2, and rolls a 7, so a 9. He decides to just disarm the soldier, so the man can't strike back at him effectively. The soldier responds by diving out of hand-to-hand range to his weapon; he is now at Close Range.

Smooth Talk (+Charm)

When you are sweet-talking, persuading or bribing someone to do what you want, roll +Charm. You need leverage to do this successfully - something the other person wants from you to make the deal.

Example: Fresh fruit is only available during a short time of the year, unless you have magics to keep it fresh. Alanna, Elven Priestess of Aldrya, can get any kind of fruit once a day with her magical seedbag and she knows that Otho, the Lhankhor Mhy sage who knows what she wants to know, has a craving for peaches. So she makes some peaches to use as leverage. Now they can make a deal. Her Charm is +1, and she rolls a 6, boosted to 7. She picks one 'They act immediately'. Otho is slow and cranky and hard to deal with as he eats the peaches, but he tells here what she wants to know. But he's pissy about it, feeling pressured.

Spout Lore (+Wits)

When you want to know about something you've encountered, roll +Wits.

Example: The Example Heroband is in Prax, studying an ancient statue; all that remains are the legs and feet. Harrid studies it, then rolls 8 + 3 Wits = 11! The DM tells him this is a statue of the dead god Rufus, son of Genert, in whose ruined garden they now stand. Zorak Zoran bit off the top of this statue in the Great Darkness. If they perform a worship ceremony which insults Trolls, Rufus will give them a blessing, as the last of his power is gathered here. If he had rolled 5 + 3 = 8, the DM would have told him that this was a statue of Rufus, son of Genert and Zorak Zoran ate half of this statue during the Great Darkness. And that's all. If he rolled 2 + 3 = 5, the DM would have told him this was a statue of Zirak, a great Troll Warrior, still worshiped as a Hero by the Trolls.

Volley (+Grace)

When you attack someone with a ranged weapon, roll +Grace.

Example: Part of Boldhome is now on fire for some reason, the Lunars are manhunting the entire heroband, and Drew'dyala, Elven Forest Defender, is standing in the back of Lorad's wagon, shooting people. A group of Lunars have loaded into a wagon to chase the heroband through the streets of Boldhome. Drew'dyala doesn't trust to Lorad's driving skills, so he opens fire on the driver of the Lunar wagon. He has Grace +3. He rolls 10+3 = 13. He shoots his foe for 4-harm, which knocks the driver out and now the enemy wagon is in trouble if they can make sure that no one seizes the reins.

Special General Moves

These are not tied to a playbook but usually require some qualifier to use.


When you return triumphantly from a raid, quest, adventure, or the like, or when you're just hanging tough during a season where nothing major happens, you can spend 20 silver coins and roll +Charm. (You can add +1 for every 20 silver coins you spend, but this can't raise you over a total +3 bonus).

Enter Underworld (+Special)

You can use this action if you have performed the Lightbringer's Quest successfully. When you die, you roll +Special, where Special = the number of Luck Points, up to 3, you are willing to burn - The number of times you have returned from the grave.


Hunting (+Grace or +Wits)

If you have a ranged weapon, you can hunt with +Grace; you can trap-hunt with +Wits. This is used when travelling in places where you can't get hospitality and there is wild fish and game about. Once a week, a member of the Heroband should roll this unless you have supplies. Or instead of using them! This requires giving up one day for the hunting or fishing.

If several PCs all roll, you can salt and smoke the excess food for the rest of this trip and not roll as often.

Example: Angar has +1 Grace and +0 Wits. He goes hunting with Tybalt (+0 Grace, +1 Wits), who as usual doesn't know how he got into this. Angar chooses ranged hunting with his javelins. He rolls 9 + 1 = 10! He collects abundant food for the heroband. Tybalt rolls 6 + 1 Wits, setting traps for a 7. He catches a lot of food but he also manages to step in one of his own traps and suffers 3 damage. Then they bring it back and everyone smokes and salts it. They're now good for two weeks and Braneld can see about healing Tybalt.


Luck can only be regained by burning XP for it. When you burn Luck, you can either:

Make Camp

When you are in the wilderness, if you have enough food for everyone, you can have a nice meal, make camp, and get 8 or so hours of sleep. You then recover up to half your base hit points.

You can also use this when staying at Geo's Inn or getting hospitality from someone.


When you are in place of absolute safety, you can recover all your HP by one full day of bedrest and recover from one debility per three days of rest (two if tended by a magical or mundane healer).

Use Market

When it's not clear if you could buy something without needing to roll at a market, you can roll +Wits. (You can add +1 for every 20 silver coins you spend, but this can't raise you over a total +3 bonus).

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