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Braneld the White Healer - Initiate of Chalanna Arroy

Braneld was the third daughter of Medb and Ian, a pair of cottars who herded sheep and tried to accumulate enough wealth to move up to Carl status. Braneld's destiny was to be married off to someone to bring wealth into the family. Medb never protested this openly; she was quiet and not good at standing up to people. When the Grazers invaded, she rushed to the battlefield as soon as it ended and tended to the injured, helping to move them to safety and assisting the healers. Her clan had no priestesses of Chalanna Arroy but Ernalda and her allied cults commanded some healing magic. She regretted she could not do more. Especially for poor Hengist; Malia's disease spirits invaded his leg and the priestesses could only slow their growth, not defeat them. They sent for Shamans, but she feared they would come too late.

The initiation for girls her age and boys went forwards anyway three days later and it was a disaster. Natalvale and Jareen both tried to claim the loom in Ernalda's house and came to blows over it like squabbling boys; Braneld, who had already claimed the healer's bag, tried to stop them and got punched by both of them, after which Yora somehow tangled Natalvale in the woof and Jareen in the weft of the loom *and* somehow pulled their underwear up over their heads like a strange kerchief. She then pulled Braneld up off the floor and gave her a small bag of paper with odd runes on it, its top folded over to close it; she opened it and found a cookie which she ate; it was very tasty. The other girls milled about like headless chickens, except for Yrsa, who was busy talking to the fireplace. When Mahome arrived, she lectured them all, then died with a spear in her back. The Grazers had arrived.

This was *not* how the quest was supposed to go. They were supposed to set everything in order and prepare for Ernalda to arrive and then die, though Braneld knew from careless talk of her elders that Ernalda did not die, she was only sleeping, which was *supposed* to be a secret apparently. Despite her having been through many re-enactments of this event during sacred time. Then Yrsa picked up a broom, pointed it at the Grazer who had charged into the women's house and lightning crackled from it, blasting the Grazer off his horse. "This way!" Yora shouted and they fled out the back door. Into *more Grazers*. Most of them got grabbed easily but Yrsa now touched her falcon broach, then took Yora and Braneld by the hand and *FLEW*.

They found Harrid, riddled with arrows and on the edge of death; Braneld could hardly breathe, but she got Yora to heat some water and Yrsa to watch for trouble and then carefully cleaned and dressed each wound, praying desperately to Ernalda and Chalanna Arroy and it was at that moment that the Harmony Rune blossomed on her cheeks like a flower and she felt light flow through her and whereever it touched him, his wounds were gone. And in that moment, she knew her calling, to be chosen of Chalanna Arroy, to heal others and bring peace. Three boys now arrived in a wagon, driven by Jarnegar, whose father was one of the clan traders, and now he, like his father, served Issaries. On guard duty was Argan, who surprised no one by initiating to Orlanth, and Tybalt, a strange young man in strange clothing, pale like a Pelorian and dark haired like an Orlanthi. The result of a strange marriage, she assumed.

Together, they found the Grazer Camp and defeated the five headed monster which led them (apparently a 'Pentan', whatever that was), after Yora tricked it into fighting itself. Braneld spent the whole fight in the wagon, healing people and screaming a lot. Old habits die hard. Then somehow they stumbled into the Unity Battle! More healing. More screaming. She saw a great Ogre coming up behind Yora and tried to warn her, but Yora couldn't hear her in the chaos *and* was busy pantsing the enemy and laughing. That was when Braneld learned a precious secret, the Secret of Fighting Without Hurting. Her prayer turned the blow aside and the Ogre stumbled off, never to be seen again.

But fighting means killing. And being killed. Leikadessa had initiated to Ernalda and one day, she would be strong in Ernalda's power, but not today. She had ripped the Earth open to swallow foes... and some horrible serpentine thing had crawled out of the crack and bitten her. Braneld had not seen her until too late when Haskar, Harrid's cousin, returned, carrying her and crying. She could see the panic about to break out among all of them, for to see the death of one of their own.

But she knew what to do. The way had been prepared for her. "Ernalda is not dead, she is but sleeping," she said loudly and the women gasped, for this was a great secret of Ernalda... somehow... the men looked stunned but surely this kind of thing couldn't be hidden. And then she led them in the rite of awakening and Leikadessa glowed and the purple flowed out of her skin and then she sat up and threw up the last of the poison. Tybalt, the strange sage of Lhankor Mhy (two in one initiation! What a miracle!) looked like he was going to faint.

And then, suddenly, they were back in the temple of Ernalda. They had flat-out lost Lismelder somewhere, somehow; she is still missing. But the other twelve had made it back alive. And almost all the boys as well. It was time for a celebration.

Her fear was gone, for she had mastered death and she had found her place. At least for now, as old habits die hard. She has a shrine connected to the Temple of Ernalda and assists them in their prayers and ceremonies and they help with hers. And the clan is *ecstatic* to have a healer of their own. A White Healer.

And no stupid arranged marriage to some bozo in order to get cows and sheep, unlike her sisters. She's *forbidden* to marry most men. Nothing against men, but that makes her very happy.

She isn't sure how you even start anything, anyway, so...

For now, it's all good, though she knows the seven of them are called to some high destiny.

If Angar doesn't get them all killed first.

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White Healers are welcome virtually anywhere. Only the most evil of people will refuse you hospitality and even they will sometimes want a healer. As long as you are willing to heal (and your goddess wants you to heal as much as you can), you can generally stay as long as you want anywhere. Geo's Inn especially welcomes you.

Conversely, your goddess frowns on violence. You can use your powers to assist warriors on an important mission, but you yourself refrain from violence. Engaging in violence can lead to the need to do special penance or quests to atone.


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