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Dragonnewt Scout

You are a first stage Dragonnewt, known as a Crested Dragonnewt; you have only lived a few times so far, being reborn in your egg whenever you screw up... which happens a lot. In this first stage, you get ordered around by higher level Dragonnewts a lot. You're kind of short and you can't eat meat. Well, you can if you want to puke it up and possibly die and have to be reborn *again*. You have been told you will die hundreds of times in the future and you can believe it. You're short compared to other Dragonewts... humans... elves... trolls... You're a touch taller than the Mostali, at least.

The universe began when the Cosmic Dragon dismembered himself and became Glorantha; some pieces of him, the highest pieces, became Dragons and lesser pieces became lesser things. The goal of your species is to climb that ladder by resolving karmic debts, proper behavior, and gaining wisdom. Few Dragonnewts manage to climb all the way up the ladder, but you may be one of them! Right now, you're at the bottom of the ladder, experiencing new things and wandering around getting in trouble and figuring out how to not get entangled in the world... by getting entangled in the world A LOT.

As a Dragonnewt, you use Draconic Magic, which non-Dragons often call 'Draconic Mysticism'. You know that their prattling on about differences between theism, sorcery, mysticism and animism is all an illusion. Well, you've been *told* that, but you don't know yet what the differences really are. Calling it Draconic Magic calms those who hate mysticism (because their souls are tainted too much by the material world), so you don't have to kill them and thus incur karmic debt.

You've been assigned to go out into the world and use your skills and report back on what you see to the Tailed Priests. How you're supposed to do this without incurring too much karmic debt, you're not sure, but you do your best to ensure your relations are based on reciprocity so debt doesn't build up. This is also a chance to pay off old debts; thankfully, you don't have too many of those yet.

Dragonnewts do not have gender; they hatch from eggs laid by real Dragons, then are reborn from those eggs when they die. And they die a lot, both from the dangers of Dragon Pass and from deliberately killing themselves, utumna, either to burn off some of their debt or to literally escape from a situation where other choices would incur debt.

Debts, by the way, are carried forward when reborn; many of the debts you will be trying to pay may have been incurred in previous lives, previous ages, possibly during the Great Darkness, though if you were around in the Great Darkness and you're only a Beaked Dragonnewt... well, it's not good.

Play a Dragonnewt if you want to explore an alien perspective, try new things, and fear death far less than the debt incurred from a stranger's generosity.

Pick your Attributes

You have Grace +2, and pick one of the following arrays to distribute among your remaining Attributes:

Choose one of the following arrays:


All Dragonnewts get the move Utumna.

You get all the universal moves and pick two from the list below:

Elemental Magic

Roll +Magic. 10+: Gain 3 Hold. 7-9: Gain 1 Hold. 6-: You suffer a penalty listed in the spell.

Choose 2 which you start the game knowing.

Draconic Debts



Your hide provides protection equivalent to one Armor.

You have a Dragon Sling and two Draconic weapons.

Dragon Sling: You collect scales shed by yourself and others, then hone them to a razor edge, then fire them out of your sling at people. (Far 1-Piercing)

Secondary weapons (pick two):


Choose one:


Once you earn 5 XP, you can buy an advancement.

After you have leveled up five times, you may take an advanced improvement for every 5 XP you earn.


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