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Earth Priestess - Initiate of Ernalda

Ernalda was born in the Golden Age, one of the daughters of Asrelia, whose sister Ty Kora Tek is now the guardian of the dead. Ernalda's sisters were Esrolia and Maran, who once danced for joy across the open fields with her thundershakers. She was there when plants first grew and animals first flew, ran, and swam. In time, the Celestial Court appointed Yelm, Lord of the Sun, head of the Fire Tribe, as Emperor of the Universe, probably because the Celestial Court was not too bright. Yelm forced a woman from each of the other major tribes to marry him (Darkness, Earth, Storm, and Sea), so he could control everyone with his arbitrary laws with no regard for relationships or kinship. Ernalda was put to work as a maid, when not bearing him children like Yelmalio and Yelnora. Yelmalio tried to be like his father, while Yelnora seemed discontent with both her parents. But Ernalda was their mother and did her best to love and guide them, and admired Yelnora for not bowing before Yelm's tyranny as her brother had. Then came Orlanth, who rebelled against the Emperor and faced him in three contests; then they fought because the Emperor cheated and Orlanth slew him; at Ernalda's advice, he liberated all of Yelm's wives, though Dendara the Weaver, of the Water Tribe, remained loyal to Yelm even in his death. Ernalda did not press the point because No One Can Make You Do Anything. Yelorna helped them to escape the palace, then set out to find her own path. Ernalda returned to the Earth Tribe, but Orlanth had fallen in love with her, and he did the Three Great Deeds to woo her. So they were wed in the Storm Age, when Orlanth was King of the World and Yelmalio shone as the Second Sun, taking the lead in the Fire Tribe with Dendara to advise him. He did not rule so harshly as his father and Ernalda hoped a better age had begun.

Unfortunately, No One Can Make You Do Anything and Violence Is Always An Option didn't work well as a foundation of government and too often, Orlanth would not listen to Ernalda's reminders that There Is Always Another Way. The result was that everything went increasingly to hell and then the Unholy Trio betrayed everyone and invited Chaos into the world. One by one, everyone began to die. Yelmalio was maimed at the Hill of Gold and the Second Sun went out. Elmal did his best to light the Storm Tribe lands but it was not enough and more and more steads were destroyed by Chaos. Ernalda, her sisters, her daughters, all began to sicken and die. Orlanth listened to Ernalda's wise words and set out on the Lightbringer's Quest, to bring back the Sun. She put the stead in readiness for when he returned, a difficult task, then laid down and slept until his return.

When the Sun rose again, she woke and on Orlanth's return, all was in readiness for the sowing of seed and the sheering of the sheep. Then the Great Compromise was made and she and Dendara assisted Arachne Solar in the making of the great net of the Compromise. She tried again to persuade Dendara to leave Yelm, fearing he would return to his wicked ways, but she insisted she had to stay, to keep him walking the road of justice. Sometimes she has succeeded and sometimes failed. But No One is Always Right.

Ernalda is the greatest goddess of the Storm Tribe and you are her priestess. Pledged to her, you are a leader by soft power; where Orlanth's initiates stomp around shouting and stabbing, you listen and watch and then you act, building connections between people to move events. A large part of your job is telling them not to hit walls with their face, then guiding them to act more wisely after they break their face. But if you must fight, then you can call on the power of the Angry Earth, and living in the mountains and hills, your people are keenly aware of the Earth's power.

Priestesses of Ernalda are usually female, but men can initiate to Nandan, gaining the same powers; he is her son by Heler. (Like Orlanth, Ernalda has many lovers in her myths.) You can be Human or a Duck.

Pick your Attributes

You have Magic +2, and pick one of the following arrays to distribute among your remaining Attributes:

Choose one of the following arrays:


Pick Two Moves:

Basic Magic

Choose 2:


Choose one of the following Regalia of Ernalda:

As personal possessions, you may choose three of the following:


Choose one:


Once you earn 5 XP, you can buy an advancement.

After you have leveled up five times, you may take an advanced improvement for every 5 XP you earn.


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