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Faithful Guardian - Initiate of Elmal

You initiated to Elmal, the son of Emperor Yelm (who embodies the Fire Rune) and Ernalda (who embodies the Earth Rune). He is the Lesser God of Horsemen and Watchmen, the Sun at Dawn. Elmal it was who defeated Hippogriff and from him made the first horses. Elmal it was who was befriended by Orlanth after Chalanna Arroy healed his spiritual blindness. Elmal it was who watched over Orlanth's Stead when Orlanth went on the Lightbringer's Quest. Thrice he resisted the lies of Gbaji, for he is the faithful one, who cannot be bought or tempted.

Elmal is a warrior, knowing that Violence is Always An Option. But he is a *guardian*, who does not rush headlong into battle like his lord, but instead, thinks before he acts. Further, he believes that To Break an Oath is to Break Oneself, and thus, he is the Faithful One.

Elmal accepts both male and female initiates, unlike Yelmalio, his evil twin. Indeed, he probably does this to spite Yelmalio. You just need to be willing to wear his sign and be ready to fight when duty commands.

You can be a human, Elf, or Duck.

Take this playbook if you want to be a thoughtful warrior and a horseman.

Pick your Attributes

You have Might +2, and pick one of the following arrays to distribute among your remaining Attributes:

Choose one of the following arrays:


Pick one Racial Move:

Pick Two off the list below:

Basic Magic

Choose 2:


Mount (Pick One):

Armor (Pick One):

Main Weapon (Pick One):

Other Items (Pick Three):


Choose one:


Once you earn 5 XP, you can buy an advancement.

After you have leveled up five times, you may take an advanced improvement for every 5 XP you earn.


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