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Harrid the Grey Sage - Initiate of Lhankor Mhy

Harrid had a fairly typical Orlanthi upbringing in many ways. His parents, Herenya and Harsta had been married for five years; he was their third child, the second to make it to a year old. They were carls, who lived in Grandfather Jarostar's stead, six hundred acres of farmland and pasture. He spent his childhood tending sheep and dealing with his cousins and other kids his age. His elder brother Hengist was being groomed to inherit the stead one day; he was the backup plan. When Harrid was six, he shocked everyone by reading runes at the Temple of Orlanth. The priest of Orlanth tested him and was stunned to find he could identify eight of every ten runes. He began special lessons with the priest of Lhankor Mhy and his parents began working on producing another backup son. When Harrid was 11, Hengist initiated under Orlanth's aegis as expected and a day later, Masarka, child seven, was born, another son (Harmaga, Astarta, and Vare are daughters, children 4-6.) A Grazer raid left Hengist with both legs broken, three days before Harrid's initiation, and Harrid had to drag him on a sledge for five hours, bitching all the way. It was unclear if Hengist would survive as Malia's disease spirits invaded his leg.

So it was under a cloud that Harrid and a dozen other boys (including Angar) all initiated into manhood at the age of 14 (and one fifteen year old who had been too sick the previous year). The evil uncles all threw them into the pits. Angar organized their escape. Grazers showed up in the middle of their effort to head to the Good Uncle's Stead and carried off most of the boys and girls. Harrid escaped but doesn't know how (Braneld found him by the side of the road, injured, lying on a sledge, and healed him), Angar escaped because he could now fly, and they assembled a force of Braneld, who was now an initiate of Chalanna Arroy, Yora, who surprised no one by going Eurmali, Yrse, who had become a Shaman of Kolat (to everyone's shock), Jarnger (second cousin to Angar, now an initiate of Issaries) and Tybalt, a Lhankor Mhy initiate from some distant land, who had *no idea* how he had gotten into the middle of this bullshit, beyond blaming something called 'Rokari'. Harrid it was who led them to the enemy camp, for he could now speak to objects and learn of their past and that guidance took them, step by step, to the enemy.

Together, they rescued everyone, defeated the Grazers, and then somehow stumbled into the Unity Battle and fought in it, then woke up back in the temple of Orlanth (if male) or the temple of Ernalda (if female) with the surviving initiates. (One boy and one girl were never seen again and one of the boys was dead. Everyone else was mauled to various degrees.)

Harrid was now initiated to Lhankor Mhy and began living at the temple and studying to become a full Grey Sage; his brother had recovered from the illness and acquired some scrolls from a trader as a thank you gift; it was from one of those that Harrid deduced his Windbolt spell. He also became friends with Tybalt, who got a room at the temple; no one was sure what his status was now but he acted like a Grey Sage and he had magic like a Grey Sage, so they decided he must be a Grey Sage too. Whatever Tybalt is, he definitely had strong Air Rune powers and that's the mark of the Storm Tribe, after all.

So now Harrid is exactly where he wants to be. Now he just needs a project worthy of a sage, but everyone keeps interrupting his time, wanting him to read objects or break curses or check a contract because half the tribe *can't read* and the ones who can generally aren't much good with anything very complicated.

Now he knows why the priest was so eager to take him in... to DUMP ALL THE WORK on him. At least Tybalt does his share.

Pick your Attributes


Beard of Lhankor Mhy: You have a magnificent beard; when you sleep, you can change its style in your sleep, but you can't get rid of it. If someone shaves it off, they suffer 1-Harm and remain staggered until your beard grows back, which happens instantly at the next dawn.

All Universal Moves

Basic Magic

Choose 2:


As personal possessions, you have books, scrolls, magical tools, parchment, ink and writing tools. You wear robes instead of armor, but if worse comes to worse, you do have a Quarterstaff (2-Harm Hand Two-Handed 1-Protective).


You have a library and study which allows you to perform magical inquiries and research. When you use the sorcerous arts to research something for a day, roll +Magic. On a 10+, you may choose one:

On a 7-9, you may take one of the above, but if so also chose one of:

On a miss, the GM may choose one of the 7-9 effects.

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