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Jarnegar, Golden Voice - Initiate of Issaries

Jarnegar was the eldest son of Kalf and Berra; Kalf was one of the clan's traders, a Devotee of Issaries, and was often gone on trading trips; once Jarnegar turned twelve, he started taking Jarnegar with him, to prepare him for his future; they missed the raid by the Grazers, returning only the night before the Initiation. Jarnegar felt guilty about missing it, though he wouldn't have fought anyway, and his father was glad the Grazers hadn't caught them, though his magic had made it so without him knowing at the time.

So it was under a cloud that Jarnegar and a dozen other boys all initiated into manhood at the age of 14 (and one fifteen year old who had been too sick the previous year). The evil uncles all threw them into the pits. Jarnegar ended up in a pit full of violent maniacs and feared for his life, but he recognized them as men of Heortland and greeted them with the traditional greeting, so they assumed he was one of them. This kept him alive long enough for Angar to lower a rope to him, enabling him to get out. He found a wagon and some horses, and they all escaped, trying to head for the Good Uncle's Stead. Unfortunately, Grazers somehow invaded the initiation and began seizing everyone; knowing he couldn't win a fight, Jarnegar hid under his wagon, knowing the Grazers didn't *use* wagons and could not easily look under it from horseback and *never dismount* if they can help it. How exactly they have sex or raise kids, he didn't know. But that didn't matter right now. Angar found him, having escaped by flying, and they set out to look for others. They came upon Tybalt, a strange boy who looked half-Pelorian and half-Orlanthi, fighting a strange snake monster which grasped its tail in its mouth and rolled around, chasing Tybalt. Angar hacked it to bits and Jarnegar turned its hide into covers for two of his wheels. Tybalt agreed to join them, saying he was from the West (presumably Ralios) and had fled the Rokari to get here (whatever a Rokari is). They soon found Harrid, now one of Lhankor Mhy's people, Braneld, who was now an initiate of Chalanna Arroy, Yora, who surprised no one by going Eurmali, and Yrse, who had become a Shaman of Kolat (to everyone's shock). They made a plan and Harrid used his new magic to speak to objects (which Yrse watched with great interest, Jarnegar noted) to guide them to find the Grazers, while Jarnegar told everyone what he knew of that folk. Then Angar came up with an attack plan.

They freed everyone, only to somehow stumble into the Unity Battle, where Jarnegar ran supplies around the field the whole time and helped tend to the injured. He helped fight off a pack of Gorp who tried to eat all the medical supplies, throwing great vials of some fluid of the Dwarves which clung to the Gorp; they looked like aspic and burned and burned and burned until the creatures died. Then, after the battle, one of their company had perished, alongside the many people of the past when this battle happened, and her name was Laikadessa. But Braneld stunned him by refusing to accept this doom, and together, the seven of them defied death, for Laikadessa was of Ernalda now and Ernalda did not stay dead. And so Lakiadessa walked again. Jarnegar was glad to see her alive, but he wondered what the cost of this would be, for their is no gain without payment, not in Issaries' teachings. Those who give to you can demand something in return.

But for now, they returned and celebrated, leaving him to wonder what would be demanded of them. Had they done enough to deserve such a miracle? He did not think so.

He works now with his father as a trader, but he knows the time will come when those who came together on that day will be called to some great deed, and he hopes he will be worthy of it.

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You begin with two oxen and a wagon they pull.



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