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Leikadessa, Earth Priestess - Initiate of Ernalda

Leikadessa is the eldest of three surviving children out of seven attempts by her parents, two cottars of the Halaborn bloodline which was adopted into the clan during the Great Darkness; as a result, she has darker skin than the average Orlanthi and tightly curled pitchblack hair. She also has orange eyes, which may indicate some affinity for pumpkins which is common in her bloodline.

The Grazers raided her clan just before the clan initiation, but despite the casualties, it went forwards anyway. The initiation for girls her age and boys went forwards anyway three days later and it was a disaster. Leikadessa was drawn to the staff which leaned against Ernalda's chair, the staff she still bears Natalvale and Jareen both tried to claim the loom in Ernalda's house and came to blows over it like squabbling boys; Braneld, who had already claimed the healer's bag, tried to stop them and got punched by both of them, after which Yora somehow tangled Natalvale in the woof and Jareen in the weft of the loom *and* somehow pulled their underwear up over their heads like a strange kerchief. Leikadessa tried to restore order, but to her frustration, the other girls milled about like headless chickens, except for Yrsa, who was busy talking to the fireplace. All her shouting did not avail to get anyone to stop being stupid. When Mahome arrived, she lectured them all, then died with a spear in her back. The Grazers had arrived.

This was *not* how the quest was supposed to go. They were supposed to set everything in order and prepare for Ernalda to arrive and then die, though she knew that Ernalda somehow returned to life. Then Yrsa picked up a broom, pointed it at the Grazer who had charged into the women's house and lightning crackled from it, blasting the Grazer off his horse. "This way!" Yora shouted and they fled out the back door. Into *more Grazers*. Most of them got grabbed easily but Yrsa now touched her falcon broach, then took Yora and Braneld by the hand and *FLEW*.

Leaving Leikadessa behind. She was carried off with the others, though she bashed one of the Grazers in the head with her staff. She was pretty sure they intended to turn them all into thralls and she got put to work cooking for the Grazers and the captives. They took her staff but her hands were free; she prayed as she cooked and Ernalda's face appeared in the cookpot and whispered her secrets and told her help was coming and to be brave. So she was as brave as she could be. Which wasn't easy because the leader of the Grazers was a *five headed monster*, the Pentan. The Grazers themselves were scared of him, she noticed. Despite being harrassed by the Grazers she kept it together and then Yora and her crazy friends launched a surprise attack on the camp.

Yora tricked the Pentan into fighting itself by getting its heads to argue over who was in charge and in the end, it fatally wounded itself. Leikadessa rounded up the captives and got them to the escape wagons and when the Grazers charged, she made the Earth crack open and swallow them, then vomited as she saw them die. Braneld healed many people but also screamed a lot.

They tried to make it back to Ernalda's Stead but they were utterly lost and they stumbled *into the Unity Battle*. Leikadessa did her best to defend those who could not fight with the power Ernalda gave her, summoning and Elemental and rending the Earth under foes. But some servant of Karsht, a hideous serpent, crawled out of her own crack and bit her with deadly poison.

So she died. She found herself in the long line awaiting the judgement of Ty Kora Tek, but then she heard Braneld say "Ernalda is not dead, she is but sleeping." There was a song and she followed it, and then awoke, surrounded by six of her childhood friends and one strange, Tybalt, a Lhankor Mhy from some strange land, who stared at her in utter shock. And at their head was Braneld, gentle Braneld, looking like a Queen. Her hands glowed white and she was not Braneld, she was Chalanna Arroy, and her friends were the Lightbringers, and she, Leikadessa, like Ernalda, had returned to life.

And then, suddenly, they were back in the temple of Ernalda. They had flat-out lost Lismelder somewhere, somehow; she is still missing. But the other twelve had made it back alive. And almost all the boys as well. It was time for a celebration.

She has real power now, beyond that of a normal initiation and the high priestess of Ernalda has begun training her in all the things she ought to know already if she'd gone the normal route, but she isn't so sure that Ernalda didn't make some kind of mistake, choosing her; she's good at Ernalda's wrath but not so good at, well, leading, ruling.... cooking... cleaning... and all those things.

But maybe Ernalda is going to need a hammer in the days to come, for the Hero Wars have begun.

Pick your Attributes


You get all the basic moves and pick three from the list below.

Basic Magic

Choose 2:


Choose one of the following Regalia of Ernalda:

As personal possessions, you may choose three of the following:


Choose one:


Once you earn 5 XP, you can buy an advancement.

After you have leveled up five times, you may take an advanced improvement for every 5 XP you earn.


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