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Mercenary Malkioni Sorceror

You are a Seshnelan, born a peasant, but you found a Grimoire and taught yourself sorcery. You're a renegade from the Rokari Church, which you think is a corrupt scam, and you came to Kerofinela because they needed people who could blow things up and you wanted patrons to shield you from the Church. You can pretend to be a good Rokari if you have to, but while you know the Invisible God is real, you think he basically can't be connected to personally the way the Churches think; he made the world and sustains it but does not intervene the way pagan gods intervene.

The pagan gods are real, they just aren't worthy of worship; like us, they are created beings, emenations of the Runes, which produce the Essences (who Sorcerors may interact with), Gods (who pagans interact with) and spirits (who losers interact with). Why the Runes produce three kinds of emenations is unclear. Some people argue that mysticism taps a fourth kind of emenation but you know that mysticism destroys your conscience and makes you a raving lunatic who wants to remake the world in some stupid way, like fusing everyone in Seshnela into some sort of god-potato. The best response to mystics is to fly high over them and dump hideous death on them, then blow up their remains. It's the only way to be sure.

All of these creatures can be commanded by sorcery, which the faithful like to pretend is divine power... okay, to be fair, *it is divine power*, but the Invisible God laid out laws and rules for us to use, rather than requiring prayers and sacrifices and all that *pagan* behavior which the Hrestoli and Rokari and the entirely delusional Aeolians practice. By the way, Solace and the Joy of the Heart are lies to get the masses to shut up and obey priests who are lying to them; when you die, unfortunately, you get stuck in the Underworld for a whle, then tapped by the Essences of the Death Rune and what's left of you becomes the soul of a new baby.

But you know better than to tell this to anyone as neither Pagans nor Malkioni would take it well. The good news is that you can play along with both groups as needed; you typically tell them you are sworn to Saint Langston and the Malkioni accept this and the pagans convince themselves that he is another name for Lhankor Mhy. To be fair, Irenus is a mask of the Essence of the Truth Rune and you think Lhankor Mhy is the God of the Truth rune... so hey, good enough!

You came north to Sartar because it's easier to con the Pagans than to keep the Rokari church off your ass. They pay well, but you still struggle with their bizarre customs and tendency to explode into violence for no apparent reason. Still, once they are convinced you're a holy man for hire, things go well, usually.

Until they want you to go kill a Walktapus, anyway.

Your homeland is very different from here, a land of castes and peasants and serfs. Further, your homeland says Victory Is More Important Than Honor or Rules and that If Your Enemy Bangs Your Toe, Cut His Entire Leg Off. But you reject your homeland's bullshit too; it just justifies a bunch of sword-toting morons treating everyone else like shit. This leaves you trying to find a better way for yourself.

You can be male or female; either way, you're a renegade from your own culture.

Take this playbook if you want to be a strange foreigner struggling with the weird rules of the Orlanthi and to be a deist in a land of pagans.

Pick your Attributes

You have Magic +2, and pick one of the following arrays to distribute among your remaining Attributes:

Choose one of the following arrays:


Pick 2 off the list below


You should pick one of the following Grimoires, then pick 3 Spells you know in the Grimoire. Once you master the Grimoire, you can begin learning spells from another Grimoire or you can propose spells to the MC which you deduce from your current Grimoire; the new spell must fit the theme.

When you cast a spell, roll +Magic: On a 10+: You get 3 hold to spend on the effect. On a 7-9, you get one Hold. On a 6 or less, choose one:


You begin with a horse and tack, rune-covered robes, a Wizard's Staff, and two secondary equipment

Wizard's Staff:

Wizard Items (pick three):


Choose one:


Once you earn 5 XP, you can buy an advancement.

After you have leveled up five times, you may take an advanced improvement for every 5 XP you earn.


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