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Missionary Malkioni Priest of Loksalm

You were born into a peasant family in Loksalm, but you worked hard and joined the military, then after seven years, you made it into the priesthood. You could try to eventually rise into the ruling caste, but for now, you feel this is where you belong. The Invisible God has called you to come to this distant land in order to spread the words of Hrestol and Siglat, the Idealist Hrestoli Church of Loksalm. It's... not easy.

In the beginning, the Invisible God, Irensaval the Hidden Mover, created the world, radiating it out from himself like the layers of an onion.

Danmalastan was the primal home of humanity, the perfect land. But its people delved too far in their curiosity and the Ruling Essences revolted and the filthy traitor Vadel brought back the Ten Sins and the Chaos Rune and infected everyone with them after his trips into dark, dangerous places. Though he used them to destroy some of Danmalastan's enemies, in the end, the land fell apart into chaos because the sacred laws of the Creator were abandoned. Everyone agrees on this... except the surviving Vadeli, who have their own version of this story.

Malkion was created as the Invisible God's prophet to lead the land back to righteousness, a superhuman being, though obviously not a god. What now we call a Saint but created by the Invisible God for that role. Instead of everyone rallying to him, though, he was betrayed and murdered by Zzabur the Sorceror, who stole a portion of his power, for he was worse than even the Pagans, believing in no God at all! But before his death, he experienced visions of Solace, the heaven which waits for believers. Thus he enabled the faithful to overcome the fear of Death, which had been brought into Danmalastan by filthy Vadel. All who followed the rules of the four castes would be saved. But there was a deeper secret not yet revealed.

The Great Darkness finally ended with the First Dawn, after the victory of Zzabur the Sorceror over great evils which sought to wipe out mankind. Why the Creator chose an atheist as his tool to end the darkness remains a great mystery but the First Dawn marked a new age, as even pagans must admit. But then, even Vadel fought against some monsters, he just did so in bad ways.

Prince Hrestol was a Seshnegi prince who had a vision from the Creator, who taught him the practice of Knighthood and the secret of the Joy of the Heart, a blessing given by the Creator to the Faithful when they give him due homage and follow his laws; it is a sign of the blessing of Solace to come after death. He wrote the Book of Hrestol and in the Dawn Age, even though he himself was betrayed and murdered in Sog City, his faith became dominant in the West. It was very diverse because, in practice, there was disagreement over which holy writings were properly part of the Book of Hrestol and which should be thrown out as heresy and which are merely edifying but not holy in a full and complete sense. Saint Tomaris, the messenger, brought the faith in its fullest form to Fronela after Hrestol's death.

Knighthood was something for everyone to aspire to, a fusion of the four castes to make you hard-working like a Commoner, strong in battle like a soldier, wise like a Wizard, and fit to lead others, like a Noble. The Man-of-All or Knight was a goal few could achieve in full, but their existence led to a decline of the rigid caste system of the Pre-Dawn Era.

Unfortunately, some mixed his holy teachings with *paganism* and sank into error. The most infamous of these is Arkat, who began as a Hrestoli Knight but not only embraced Paganism, he *became a troll*. His followers claim he eventually became human again but everyone knows that is a *lie*. Clearly he was punished for his sins by the loss of his humanity.

In the wreckage of hopes and dreams that men had to live in during the beginning of the Second Age, the followers of the Invisible God were torn over the way forward. The Abiding Book was created by Vadel himself, now a demon in service of Wakboth, and used to re-unite all of Malkion's children into the Middle Sea Empire. But his hand became obvious when the God Learners took over the empire by adopting paganism and spiritism with a thin gloss of Malkioni theology. As Vadel planned all along.

The result was that the Creator eventually smote the world, sinking the homeland of the empire and half of Seshnela under the waves, undoing the work of the 'God Learners', and sealing the oceans until within the lifetime of many who now walk this world!

So much for the 'Abiding Book' which the foolish Rokari still put their trust in. Isn't sinking half their homeland under the sea enough of the Creator's Wrath for anyone?

The fall of the Middle Sea Empire opened the way for a revival of the true faith of the Idealist Hrestoli Church in Loksalm and other parts of Fronela. The Syndic's Ban isolated Fronela's nations but this just gave us time to purify our practices and return to the true faith.

Unfortunately, much of the world is sunk in pagan error, worshipping the Runes as Gods, and you've come to bring the truth to the Orlanthi, who alternate between being confused by you, wanting to burn you as a heretic, or just ignoring you. Possibly also trying to rob you because you look vulnerable.

You are not as vulnerable as you look to them. You spent time as a soldier, after all! And before that, you worked hard as a commoner.

You can be whatever gender you want, for in the Idealist Hrestoli Church, the castes are life stages and men and women climb the same ladder. Marriage is honored but not everyone is called to it or to child raising.

Take this playbook if you want to be a strange foreigner struggling with the weird rules of the Orlanthi and to be a monotheist (sort of) in a land of pagans.

Pick your Attributes

You have Magic +2, Might +1 and distribute +1, +0 and -1 among your three remaining attributes.


You start with all the Basic Moves and Pick Three off the list below:

Holy Texts

You should pick one of the following Holy Texts, then pick 3 Spells you know in the Holy Texts. Once you master the Holy Texts, you can begin learning spells from another Holy Texts or you can propose spells to the MC which you deduce from your current Holy Texts; the new spell must fit the theme.

When you cast a spell, roll +Magic: On a 10+: You get 3 hold to spend on the effect. On a 7-9, you get one hold. On a 6 or less, choose one:


You begin play with a Priest's Staff and fancy robes of office. Pick 3 Priestly Items.

Priest's Staff:

Priestly Items (pick three):


Choose one:


Once you earn 5 XP, you can buy an advancement.

After you have leveled up five times, you may take an advanced improvement for every 5 XP you earn.


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