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Mostali Trader (Dwarf)

Once upon a time, you were an ordinary Mostali who got up at the 7th hour, cleansed yourself for fifteen minutes, then walked to the cafeteria, then ate breakfast for thirty minutes, then did a four hour shift making axles, then ate a box lunch at your work station for thirty minutes, then worked a four hour shift, then walked back to your chamber, then spent exactly 2.5 hours on your hobby (making tradecoins which the official traders could use in dealings with outsiders), then walked to the cafeteria, then ate dinner for thirty minutes, then back to your dorm room, then read technical manual updates relevant to your work and hobby, until it was time for bed at the twenty-third hour. Then one day, trolls ate all of the traders in a very tense negotiation, and you were assigned to cover the post until more traders could be trained.

And you liked it. You'd never actually liked *anything* before, so for several weeks, you felt quite confused, until a human explained your emotional state to you.


This was new.

When they tried to relieve you, you went renegade, selling all the goods and pocketing the money and running, knowing that they would declare you defective and recycle you. Fortunately, the surface world is huge and they haven't found you yet.

The Communications Rune is now branded on your cheeks. (And the Earth Rune is on your buttocks, but you remember getting that when you were assigned your axle-making duties.) Does this mean you are now initiated to some God? If so, he or she has yet to give you any orders, so you just keep moving and trading. But now, maybe, you've found somewhere to stay awhile. But is that really safe?

You are all about trade; you love coins, probably too much. Fortunately, your runes tell you exactly how much anything is worth so you can offer a fair price, and if people won't accept that, you can find someone who *will*. You are an Individualist but you don't prattle on and on about it like some renegade Mostali. Which you feel makes you MORE of an individual. You're keenly aware that the Decamony, ruler of most Mostali, is looking for you but their power is weak here in Dragon Pass. You are officially under the aegis of Mostalos Kor, but it's a loose affiliation so far. You're not sure if you want a stronger tie.

The Hero Wars are coming. You know that Superheroes will emerge, mortal embodiments of the Runes. You wonder, sometimes, if your destiny is to embody the Rune of Communications. (Or the Rune of Earth but you're pretty sure some Ernaldan will take that title.) You know the world is destined to be laid waste.

Only you also know that the World Machine is broken and therefore, Fate must be broken too. There is still hope and you will find its price.

You can be male or female; in Mostali society, there's no clear and obvious differences between the two. You may have chosen to copy the style of your gender in one of the other societies or you may well remain ambiguous.

Take this playbook if you want to dig into an alien mindset and be an over-the-top trader in the Dwarven style of trade.

Pick your Attributes

You have Charm +2, and pick one of the following arrays to distribute among your remaining Attributes:

Choose one of the following arrays:


You start with all the Basic Moves and Pick Three off the list below:

Basic Magic

Choose 2:


Much as you wish wearing armor all the time wasn't necessary, you wear a well-crafted suit of mail which provides one point of protection.

Dwarf Wagon: This is a self-propelled metal wagon you can live in if need be. It requires you to sit in the driver's seat and concentrate to move it; anyone with the Earth Rune can operate it. It has 3-Armor and can take 16 Harm before it dies; anyone inside it gets 1-Armor. It moves as fast as a horse-pulled wagon.

Dwarf Items (pick two):

Your Trading Business

With your wagon, you have a mobile store; you cruise around, making deals, when not adventuring. Roll +Charm once per season other than Dark Season. On a 10+, you generate 40 silver. On a 7-9, you generate 20 silver. On a 6 or less, you break even.

During Dark Season, it's hard to travel, so you bunker down and make local deals. Instead of money, you collect gossip. Roll +Charm. On a 10+, you generate three Leverage. On a 7-9, you generate two Leverage. On a 6 or less, you get one but you also piss someone off with your gossiping; the MC decides who.

You can declare who you have Leverage on when you use it.


Once you earn 5 XP, you can buy an advancement.

After you have leveled up five times, you may take an advanced improvement for every 5 XP you earn.


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