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Mostali Sniper (Dwarf)

The Entity known as Ernalda likes to delude herself and her followers into thinking she is the Embodiment of the Earth Rune, but its true Embodiment is Mostal the Maker, who forged the World Machine from Chaos. Without him, there would be no Glorantha. He created the Mineral Rune, then melded it with the Man Rune in order to make us, the Mostali, who are both Man and Mineral at once. For countless ages, we maintained the World Machine so that Glorantha would function. Unfortunately, irresponsible people wrecked everything, letting Chaos into the world. Mostal perished in the fall of the Spike, the great Axis Mundi, atop which the Celestial Court dwelled. With its fall, the sun plummeted out of the sky and the Great Darkness began. The elder Mostali could not be easily replaced and many have died over the year as they tried to carry out the Great Work, the plan to repair the World Machine. Clay Dwarves, however, can be easily produced in bulk and you are one such. You were produced to function as a sniper and sniping is what you do. When sniping isn't needed, you do other work but it feels wrong. You do enjoy your official hobby, which occupies some of your time when not sniping or on campaign. However, your purpose is to obey your superiors and carry out the Great Work.

Some Mostali are isolationists, who stay away from humans and other creatures of the Man Rune, fearing both contamination and the endless bungling of such creatures, especially Elves, who want to grow plants everywhere, including *inside critical locations and equipment* and Uz, who will eventually eat the planet if not stopped. However, you are from what the humans call 'Dwarf Mine' (Even you can tell what a feeble name this is; the proper name is Mostalos Kor), and it is run by Isidilian, who is an ancient Gold Mostali. They practice Individualism, where everyone takes a name, develops hobbies, and has a personality. You're still struggling with this despite living under this regime for centuries, but you think a trip into the outside world will let you finally obey your orders to stop obeying all your orders.

Which is confusing.

So you are trying to become a person and 'find yourself'. You've at least found plenty of chances to snipe *and* met people who appreciate your skills and don't demand you do other things, while leaving you free to do what you want.

Maybe this can work out after all.

You can be male or female; in Mostali society, there's no clear and obvious differences between the two. You may have chosen to copy the style of your gender in one of the other societies or you may well remain ambiguous.

Take this playbook if you want to dig into an alien mindset and be struggling to figure out what you want and who you really are without someone telling you how to regiment your life.

Pick your Attributes

You have Grace +2, and pick one of the following arrays to distribute among your remaining Attributes:

Choose one of the following arrays:


You start with all the Basic Moves and Pick Three off the list below:

Basic Magic

Choose 2:


True Mostali, the castes 'above you' have built in armor. You wear a well-crafted suit of copper mail which provides one point of protection. You have a Wand of Missiles; pick two normal weapons.

Dwarf Items (pick three):


Choose one:


Once you earn 5 XP, you can buy an advancement.

After you have leveled up five times, you may take an advanced improvement for every 5 XP you earn.


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