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Trickster - Initiate of Eurmal (Human or Duck)

You didn't *choose* initiation to Eurmal and sometimes you wonder how you've survived it. Eurmal is a Lesser God, born in some manner of Ratslaff, who was the original Greater God of Disorder, but died during the Storm Age or maybe the Great Darkness. Depending on who you listen to:

There's tons of other stories too. Which one is true? Who knows? It may periodically change, really.

Eurmal first stepped onto the cosmic stage by finding Death in a rubbish heap, then losing it to Humakt. He wandered around, getting in trouble, only to end up part of the Lightbringer Quest. Without his many great deeds, like convincing Golod, Lesser God of Fish, that they were kin so he let the Lightbringers go, tricking Gugvar into eating a rotting corpse so he would get sick and vomit up the Lightbringers, seducing Sinjota who guarded Kaldar's Gate, turning them all into women to pass through a plain no man could enter, and stealing the spark of life from Jagrekriand, who had murdered Umath, the quest would of failed. Of course, he also pushed Chalanna Arroy off a bridge for mouthing off to him and got the quest scattered to the winds because he killed Ezkankekko's son, breaking the laws and vows of hospitality in a fit of pissiness. But he it was who brought them all back together again once he became lonely and helped lead them to their final victory. He too is a Lightbringer. He is the master of the Rune of Disorder, the Rune of Change. And Disorder, unlike Chaos, is necessary for the universe to function.

You told yourself that when they dropped you off a roof into a small mountain of cow dung after failing to appreciate one of your best pranks.

It's hard to be a Trickster; you have to find someone to swear to who will ensure that you don't get beaten or killed for your hijinx, only you respond badly to authority, so it's hard to avoid alienating your protector and having to RUN FOR THE HILLS. Lots of tricksters die young; the survivors channel their energies successfully at the enemies of the clan and at those who EVERYONE agrees need to lighten up and pull their head out of their ass. There are two central philosophical ideas for Eurmal: Those Who Can't Take A Joke MUST Be Given One and There is Always Another Way TO RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

Anyone can initiate to Eurmal, though most of the time, *he chooses you*.

Take this playbook if you want to try weird mechanics and to be rebelling against everything, especially yourself and to deflate morons and get in trouble.

Roll your Attributes

At the start of each session, roll on the table below:

  1. Charm +1, Grace +1, Magic +0, Might -1, Wits +2, Hit Points 7
  2. Charm +0, Grace +1, Magic +1, Might -1, Wits +2, Hit Points 7
  3. Charm +2, Grace +0, Magic -1, Might -1, Wits +2, Hit Points 7
  4. Charm -1, Grace +0, Magic -1, Might +2, Wits +2, Hit Points 10
  5. Charm -1, Grace +1, Magic +1, Might +0, Wits +2, Hit Points 8
  6. Charm +0, Grace -1, Magic +2, Might -1, Wits +2, Hit Points 7


You start with all the Basic Moves and at the start of each session, roll 5 times on the chart below:

  1. Change Your Face: You shapeshift into another form; roll +Wits: 10+: You can turn into any human you know or a human form of your own design. 7-9: You change your appearance but can't impersonate anyone. 6-: For the rest of the scene, you look messed up and suffer disadvantage on +Charm checks; you look like yourself... after a year or two in a Lunar Hell.
  2. Eurmal the Lightbringer: If you die, roll +Wits. On a 10+, you are reborn at the next sunset on the nearest garbage pile. On a 7-9, you are reborn at the next sunset... tied up in a prison somewhere. On a miss, Ky Tora Tek trades you to Yelm's Judge of the Dead aspect and he lectures you until you eventually re-incarnate, become catatonic from boredom and dead, or someone finds a way to raise you, which will be harder than usual.
  3. Eurmal the Petty: You can specify some kind of simple magical prank, like giving someone a tattoo which says 'YELM SUCKS', or making someone's dinner go bad, or rendering them impotent until the next sunset. You can do this to one person per day. Roll +Magic. 10+: It goes off perfectly and can't be connected to you. If you narc yourself out anyway by bragging, you can reduce your Disorder by one. 7-9: It works perfectly, but they know you did it, possibly because you taunted them about it. 6 or less: You curse yourself and everyone laughs at you. Raise your Disorder by one.
  4. Fly: Eurmal learned this from watching Orlanth. When you leap into the air you may fly at the speed of a fast run, or can dive at galloping speed for short distances. At high altitude you can use air streams to cover ground more quickly.
  5. Outwit Authority: When you Defy Danger from an authority figure, or Resist Magic used by an authority figure, you can roll +Wits instead. If you get at least a 7, you can reduce your Disorder by one.
  6. Pants Them: Choose a target within Hand-to-Hand or Intimate Range. On a 10+, you knock them prone, stagger them, and steal their underwear. Reduce your Disorder by one. On a 7-9, choose one. On a 6 or less, your foe somehow steals YOUR underwear and you flee them in shame for losing at your own game, fleeing to Far Range from them. Add one to your Disorder.
  7. Raid & Run: name your escape route and roll +Might. On a 10+, you’re gone. On a 7-9, you can go or stay, but if you go, it costs you: leave something behind, or take something with you, the MC will tell you what. On a miss, you’re caught vulnerable, half in and half out.
  8. Rain of Garbage: Roll +Magic. On 10+, every foe within close range or less flees to far range and is staggered. On 7-9, choose one. On a miss, every ally within range must Defy Danger or be staggered and suffer -2 on Charm checks until they can clean up.
  9. Undercut Hypocrisy: When you have know someone's dirty secrets, this counts as leverage and you can roll +Wits to Smooth Talk instead of Charm.
  10. Wiser Than A Wordstar: You get +1 Wits (Wits +3).
  11. You Can't Keep Me Out: When confined in a locked space, tied up, or you just WANT into a locked or barred place or object, roll +Wits. On 10+, you get in and need not explain how. On 7-9, you get in, but in the process, you either take 1d4 Harm or you lose a random piece of gear. On a miss, the MC makes a hard move.
  12. Battle Trickster: When you go into battle, roll +Wits. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7–9, hold 2. On a miss, hold 1, but take -1 forward. During the battle, you can spend your hold 1 for 1 to:


Eurmal provides and Eurmal takes away. Roll your initial gear randomly and each session, roll for one random item you will lose and one you will gain; the MC will work this into the session and if he can't, then Eurmal just makes a trade when you're not looking at the end of the session.

Roll 4 times for your starting gear; if you don't get a weapon, discard the third roll and keep rolling until you get *something*.

  1. Magical leather armor with the Disorder Rune on the back and the word 'Badass'; it provides 1 point of Armor
  2. Battleaxe : (1-Harm Hand)
  3. Brace of Daggers : (Intimate/Hand? Thrown-Close). You can Conceal a single dagger on yourself but not the whole brace.
  4. Brace of Javelins : (Thrown-Close 1-Piercing)
  5. Hand Axe: (Hand Throw-Close)
  6. Horn Dagger: (Intimate/Hand? Concealable)
  7. Longsword : (1-Harm Hand)
  8. Quarterstaff: (Hand 2-Handed 1-Protective)
  9. Short Spear: (Hand 1-Piercing)
  10. Trident: (Hand Trap)
  11. Wooden Shield: (Intimate/Hand? 1-Protective)
  12. Priestess' Staff : (Hand 2-Handed 1-Protective, +1 Harm against Daimons, Souls, Spirits, and Essences)
  13. Bag of Seeds (You can use this once per session to grow a plant magically to serve as leverage for +Charm moves)
  14. Elven Harp (You gain +1 forward on the Carouse Move)
  15. Fancy Clothing (You gain +1 Forward on Smooth Talk in formal settings )
  16. Horse and Tack
  17. Dara Happan Noble Toga
  18. Rokari Church Priest Clothing
  19. Esrolian Grandmother's Favorite Dress (you appear female while you wear it unless you don't want to)
  20. Ham Sandwich
  21. 10 inches of rope
  22. A giant suit of armor, 100 feet tall, provides 6 armor while you're inside it, too big and heavy to move, but a great place to sleep safely!
  23. Jaldon Goldentooth's Golden Tooth (It contains a wall-hating spirit. While you have it, you can command it to break a wall; roll +Magic. 10+: A wagon-sized hole appears in the wall. 7-9: A human-sized hole appears in the wall, or a wagon-sized hole appears but another such hole happens somewhere else of the MC's choice and they know it's your fault, 6 or less: A wagon-sized hole appears in some other wall and you're in trouble for it.)
  24. A complete set of court records from a trial of a Eurmali by the God-Learners for '12 counts of murder in the first degree, 14 counts of armed theft of Seshnelan Imperial property, 22 counts of piracy on the high seas, 18 counts of fraud, 37 counts of grand theft Grimoire, and one Motion Rune Violation' He pled not guilty and successfully pinned all charges on the Judge, who was promptly tapped. (In any kind of trial, you can use Wits in place of Charm for relevant rolls.)
  25. A hat with a duck on it; best not worn near Ducks.
  26. A potato which may contain Nysalor, but how would you find out?
  27. a box of one dozen crazed weasels
  28. A suit of Seshnelan Style Chain Mail, which provides 2 points of Armor, but is Clumsy 1
  29. A handbell labelled 'Ding-a-ling'
  30. Arrows of Entanglement: These allow you to make grappling attacks with your bow. Instead of inflicting Harm, you can choose to tangle up the foe and force them to spend time breaking free.
  31. Bag of Seeds:: You can pull out a seed of your choice once a day and plant it, then roll +Magic. 10+: It grows to full size in an hour. 7-9: It takes a full day. 6 or less: The seed tries to plant itself in you and you suffer 1d4 harm.
  32. Elven Food: A single leaf suffices to sustain your life for another day; you can carry enough to sustain you for the entire season.
  33. Leaf Boat: You carry a small boat which folds up into your pocket, then unfolds into a boat big enough to carry ten when you want it to.
  34. A bag of rocks
  35. A sheet with two eyeholes cut in it; can be worn to cover the body and see through the holes
  36. A Trader Prince of Wenelia; she is perpetually somewhat stoned but willing to make deals with those who have wealth
  37. A small, yappy dog
  38. A big white dog which in theory would be very dangerous to your enemies, but she is afraid of everything, especially your enemies
  39. A pit bull, which is to say a bull which is trapped in a 20 foot deep circular pit
  40. 1d6 cows which have been tattooed with the mark of a rival clan
  41. 1d6 cows with your own clan's mark
  42. A bone whistle of no clear use
  43. Ordinary Orlanthi Clothing
  44. A small pile of gems worth one Wealth
  45. A jaunty hat with a feather
  46. A fedora (the words 'property of Yelmalio' are embroidered inside it)
  47. Very tight pants of some odd stretchy material
  48. Three cups and several balls for the ball and cup scam
  49. A runestone
  50. A small figurine of an old woman; it contains a Granddaughter of Ty Kora Tek spirit. You can command it to attack those who injure workers of the land or who attack their own kin. This is Darkness Magic. Chose a foe within Close Range. Roll +Magic. 10+: Your foe withers, suffering 1d8 Harm and being staggered. 7-9: Choose one of the above. 6 or less: The spirit withers *you*; you are staggered until the end of your next turn and you take 1d4 Harm.

Being Sworn

No clan will let an unbonded Eurmali run wild for long; you have to swear fealty to someone; this can be a PC or an NPC. But it's hard for you to bear this. You have a special stat called Disorder. When you deflate an authority figure or cause people sufficient trouble, you can bleed off one or more points of it. When you have to knuckle under to authority, you gain one or more points. When your bar reaches 10, you do something really stupid or treacherous, the MC's call. This often involves displays of magic beyond your normal capacity.

Because of this, this playbook should not be used unless *everyone* in the group agrees to it, because it can cause big trouble.


Once you earn 5 XP, you can buy an advancement.

After you have leveled up five times, you may take an advanced improvement for every 5 XP you earn.


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