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Tybalt, Mercenary Malkioni Sorceror

Tybalt was born to Henri and Arquette in a little farming village called Avicennes on the Plaquet river, about 20 miles from the city of Ayen, capital of the Barony of Ayen. And he likely would have lived and died on his father's farm, but Pralorelans broke through the March of Rusine and raided the village; to his surprise, Sir Alexander, the lord of the town, actually fought them, though he and his men got slaughtered, but Tybalt had always assumed he was just a worthless parasite. This didn't stop Tybalt from taking the Grimoire left behind on the battlefield by Sir Alexander's wizard minion. He managed to decipher it enough to cast spells and soon he left his home behind; there was nothing left for him anyway.

He joined on with a mercenary company and came to Maniria, but it was still too hard to avoid the Rokari Church, for which he has no respect, so he headed up to Sartar... where everyone suspects him of being some sort of crazed God-Learner, as if they hadn't all blown up centuries ago. But it's still better than Rokari bullshit; if they ever find out he wiggled his way to wizard status, he will die.

Tybalt likes being alive.

He isn't sure what the hell happened when he got to the edge of the tula of the clan he now works for. Fog rolled in, then *PENTANS* somehow showed up in the middle of Sartar and tried to murder him (the locals call them Grazers or Horse-Fuckers or Horse-Spawn, but he read a history of the Pentans and they're identical to the book!) and then he stumbled into the middle of a *HEROQUEST* where the Heroquesters were *barely through puberty*.

Admittedly, puberty wasn't all that far behind him, but Tybalt was pretty damn sure this was insane. He ended up teaming up with Angar (a typical Orlanthi lunatic warrior), Harrid (a fourteen year old boy trying to pretend to be a wise old man), Braneld (a skilled healer and terrified 90% of the time, marking her as the only kid with a fully functional brain), Yrse (a girl who looked Orlanthi, but her clothing was on backwards and she had the powers of a *Praxian Shaman*, though thankfully didn't act like one), Yora (who seemed to have magical being an asshole powers), and Jarneger (a smooth-talking teen boy who clearly wanted into Braneld's pants and if he couldn't have her, money, which Tybalt could understand).

Eighteen of their friends had been taken by the Pentans (this prompted Tybalt having to explain to Yora that Pentans did not, in fact, have five heads), and they had to rescue them and this was *not* how this heroquest was supposed to go *at all*. Knowing he couldn't survive this bullshit alone and might never make it *off* the Heroquest Plane if he left them, Tybalt fought through to the end and only one kid died, though two, apparently, had gone missing and would never be seen again. Angar put himself in charge, and Tybalt let him take the lead once he saw the boy was good at keeping people from killing him, Tybalt. Once he demonstrated he could control the weather and called up a heavy storm which covered their assault on the Pentan camp, they were all very impressed. Then the Pentan leader turned out to HAVE FIVE HEADS, which left both him and Harrid, the would be old man, calling bullshit, and the fight with him nearly lead to him impaling Tybalt to a tree; as he prepared to finish the job, Yora somehow convinced the Pentan's heads to argue over who was in charge and they conducted a 'strategic withdrawal', as Tybalt called it and 'RUNNING LIKE CRAZED JACKOBEARS' as Jarneger called it as he saved Braneld from being eaten as she healed Yrse, who had taken two arrows, one for each arm.

Then, once they got everyone together... They ended up in a damn giant battle of Chaos against basically *everything* that walks on two legs. Tybalt rode on a troll's shoulders, controlling the weather and windbolting everything he could see which was an abomination of nature. One of the Ernalda girls they rescued got killed making Earthquakes by some Chaos snake, then Braneld suddenly demonstrated she knew how to RAISE THE DEAD. Tybalt nearly fainted. Then they all got drunk at the victory celebration and he strongly suspects he had a threesome with an Elf and a Troll but that may have been the alcohol talking. He can't decide if he wants to remember it clearly or not.

They woke up in the Temple of Orlanth (the guys) and he briefly panicked, worried all the girls had been left behind but they turned out later to be in the women's temple. He hadn't fought so hard to see half the team get left behind in the Heroquest Plane! Everyone had no idea what was going on with his presence, but they ultimately decided he must be an initiate of Lhankor Mhy now and he has his own space in the temple of Lhankor Mhy now. Many of the adults eye him suspiciously and he's had to grow a beard, but for now, it's a good cover. Certainly, the Rokari will never find him here, he hopes.

And someone has to keep these kids from doing more insane things. Also, having his own lab is nice, even if he has to field insane questions all the time from the amazingly large number of stupid people in this clan.

His Attributes


All Universal Moves.


When you cast a spell, roll +Magic: On a 10+: You get 3 hold to spend on the effect. On a 7-9, you get one Hold. On a 6 or less, choose one:



Choose one:

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