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Uz Priestess

Once, there was only Chaos, but then the first primal scream happened. "I EXIST!" Kygor Litor tore herself free from the Chaos and forced it to submit. She constructed Wonderhome, a place where all her children could live. There was darkness and food and places to live and things to do. There was a surface world, but they left us alone and we left them alone, especially due to the Wicked Emperor Yelm, who forced Kygor's daughter Xentha to marry him, then he set her on fire because he is made out of evil. When she fled back to her mother, he followed her and laid waste to Wonderhome. He and Kygor battled and she gave birth to Zorak Zoran, who castrated Yelm and hurled him into a chasm in the Underworld but then she had to lead her people to the surface, for Wonderhome was both destroyed and uninhabitable (due to being on fire all the time). She then gave birth to Argan Argar, who would negotiate with other gods for her, and sent Zorak Zoran to take down Yelmalio, the heir to Yelm; as usual, he maimed Yelmalio and threw him off a cliff instead of killing him but now it was dark all the time and we fought Chaos and ate anything tasty. When Orlanth tried to stop us eating his cattle and sheep, Zorak Zoran threw him off a cliff into a pit down to the Underworld. Unfortunately, Orlanth found Yelm and they teamed up, returned to the surface and now we're stuck in a world which is full of *light* half the time and we can't go back to Wonderhome because it is still burning AND a bunch of Yelm's stupid followers brought Yelmalio back to life under the name Nysalor and he tried to make it daytime *all the time*. He also refused to be eaten as he deserved and burned his way out of Kygor Litor's body and now we're all cursed to give birth to trollkin half the time and it used to be *all the time*, until Cragspider, the greatest priestess of Kygor Litor, half-fixed the curse. Now the Pelorians worship the Red Moon, who shines the light of Chaos over everything, and we're pretty sure this is Yelmalio in drag and eventually it's going to get brighter and there will be no more darkness. Until we rip it out of the sky and eat it.

You're just saying.

You serve the greatest of all goddesses, Kygor Litor, and it is your duty to lead and guide them because Men Must Obey Troll Priestesses, but also because We Do Whatever We Must For the Uz to Survive. Especially, we smite Chaos because We Will Not Be Silenced, as our Mother could not be silenced by Chaos.

Kygor Litor only accepts female priestesses.

Take this playbook if you want to dig into an alien mindset and be wise, domineering, and a guardian of the Uz race.

Pick your Attributes

You have Magic +2, and pick one of the following arrays to distribute among your remaining Attributes:

Choose one of the following arrays:


You start with all the Basic Moves and Pick Three off the list below:

Basic Magic

Choose 2:


Your skin is tough, giving you one point of armor. You have a pair of sunglasses which let you operate in daytime without losing your sight. Pick one serious weapon and three Troll Gear

Serious weapons (pick one):

Troll Gear (pick three):


Choose one:


Once you earn 5 XP, you can buy an advancement.

After you have leveled up five times, you may take an advanced improvement for every 5 XP you earn.


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