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Uz Berserker

Long ago, we lived in Wonderhome. Then Yelm the Evil invaded and set Wonderhome on fire and we Uz had to flee to the surface, where there was a lot less to eat, which didn't stop us eating everything we could. The pain caused by Yelm the Evil caused Kygor Litor (the embodiment of the Darkness Rune, the Mother of All Uz) to give birth to Zorak Zoran, who set out to eat everything that could hurt her and other Uz. During the Great Darkness, Zorak Zoran struck his mightiest blow, attacking the hideous solar monster Yelmalio at the Hill of Gold and eating his fire, so he could no longer rule in the place of Yelm, who had the decency to stay dead for his crimes against the Uz. Until that idiot Orlanth decided to bring the Sun back, because Orlanth is stupid and doesn't obey his mother OR his wife, Ernalda, who should have served him for dinner by now.

You're just saying.

You were raised to protect the Uz through your wrath, which burns inside you, fed by the fire which Zorak Zoran took from Yelmalio. Always remember that Enemies Exist to Be Eaten. But also, you must Obey Troll Priestesses, though you sometimes freak out and only kind of obey them. Look, those elves needed to be eaten, however useful they might have been for a while!

Zorak Zoran's followers have a rivalry with Karrg's followers, who are a bunch of cautious pansies who have no right to call themselves true Uz when they skulk about instead of confronting and eating their enemies.

Most Uz Berserkers are men, though a few women feel the burning hunger of Zorak Zoran inside them. Their mothers despair, but Zorak Zoran accepts anyone who knows that Enemies Exist to Be Eaten.

Take this playbook if you want to dig into an alien mindset and be crude, strange, and prone to fly off the handle.

Pick your Attributes

You have Might +2, and pick one of the following arrays to distribute among your remaining Attributes:

Choose one of the following arrays:


You start with all the Basic Moves and Pick Three off the list below:

Basic Magic

Choose 2:


Your skin is tough, giving you one point of armor. You have a pair of sunglasses which let you operate in daytime without losing your sight. Pick one serious weapon and three Troll Gear.

Serious weapons (pick one):

Troll Gear (pick three):


Choose one:


Once you earn 5 XP, you can buy an advancement.

After you have leveled up five times, you may take an advanced improvement for every 5 XP you earn.


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