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White Healer - Initiate of Chalanna Arroy

Chalanna Arroy is said to have sprung forth from Glorantha herself, sent to bring healing when injuries began. She aided many gods as the world slowly went mad, her services ever more needed. During this time, she had several love affairs, all cut short by the eventual violence of her lovers (not to her, but to others) and she had her son Arroin. She refused to take sides when the Gods warred, until finally, the Spike fell and she and Arroin encountered a god they could not heal, for he was dead. That would not do. They encountered Flesh Man, driven mad by the horrors of the Great Darkness; she tried to heal him but he fled and she gave chase. She followed Flesh Man, leaving her son to tend to the world's wounds; he would die in her absence, though many others died as well. Flesh Man led her eventually to the Lightbringer's Quest and her compassion and healing were critical to the mission's success. She became the bearer of the Harmony Rune, for its mistress had died with the Spike. And on that quest, she learned the secret to bring back the dead.

Her priestesses are found everywhere now, for they command the greatest healing magics in Glorantha; they do not fight, but they heal those injured in war, while striving always to bring peace and end feuds. They can only marry someone who is also sworn to peace like themselves and many never marry. But they are human and they often fall in love, tragically, with those who must fight.

Initiation to Chalana Arroy imposes severe restrictions on the initiate; the initiate must maintain her sacral purity and innocence from all violence. Initiates take an oath to aid all within the limits of their ability and never to harm a living creature. They must be vegetarians (although most drink milk and eat cheese). Many voluntarily eschew using any products that require the shedding of blood to obtain, and thus wear no leather or furs, use no gut strings, etc. Sheared wool is acceptable and similar products harvested without bloodshed.

In return, they are potent healers and learn how to fight without hurting others, how to bring peace to all. Well, they try, but it's hard. The world is hurt and they must heal it.

Chalanna Arroy accepts both men and women; most of her initiates are women, however. Too many Orlanthi men are drawn to violence, but some remember that There is Always Another Way and come to understand that You Cannot Water Your Garden With Blood.

Choose this playbook if you want to be an island of peace in the ocean of violence and to struggle with the flaws of your society and to bring healing to others.

Pick your Attributes

You have Magic +2, and pick one of the following arrays to distribute among your remaining Attributes:

Choose one of the following arrays:


You get all the basic moves. Choose three White Healer moves:

Basic Magic

Choose 2:



White Healers are welcome virtually anywhere. Only the most evil of people will refuse you hospitality and even they will sometimes want a healer. As long as you are willing to heal (and your goddess wants you to heal as much as you can), you can generally stay as long as you want anywhere. Geo's Inn especially welcomes you.

Conversely, your goddess frowns on violence. You can use your powers to assist warriors on an important mission, but you yourself refrain from violence. Engaging in violence can lead to the need to do special penance or quests to atone, unless the target was spirits of disease or the undead, both of which must be fought.


Choose one:


Once you earn 5 XP, you can buy an advancement.

After you have leveled up five times, you may take an advanced improvement for every 5 XP you earn.


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