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Yrsa, Speaker to the Wind - Initiate of Kolat

Yrsa had a happy but unstable childhood. A raid by a rival clan killed her father when she was five; her mother, Ondursulva, has bounced between year-marriages and periods of living with grandmother ever since. She was the eldest child and there were high expectations of her, but she often found herself wandering, listening to the wind and the rustling of the trees, drawn especially to a clearing in the tula's forest with a tiny spring and a little pond with a handful of fish. She could never focus because she always nearly heard things. But she worked hard and tried to learn all the skills a woman must have.

One of those was healing, so when the Grazers raided, she aided in treating the injured as best she could, though none of those she cared about most were at risk. For she was the eldest and the eldest has to help take care of everyone. And like everyone, she mourned poor Hengist, whose leg was invaded by disease spirits; she could hear them taunting her and it enraged her but she could do nothing. Nothing.

The initiation for girls her age and boys went forwards anyway three days later and it was a disaster. Natalvale and Jareen both tried to claim the loom in Ernalda's house and came to blows over it like squabbling boys; Braneld, who had already claimed the healer's bag, tried to stop them and got punched by both of them, after which Yora somehow tangled Natalvale in the woof and Jareen in the weft of the loom *and* somehow pulled their underwear up over their heads like a strange kerchief. Yrsa barely noticed all this, for she was busy talking to the fireplace; it could hear her and talk back and it told her a secret. She was a reborn Shaman, one of Kolat's daughters, called to follow her father once more. When the Grazer invaded the hold, she knew what to do; she called upon one of her father's allies, a Lightning Brother, who bound himself into her broom and he struck down the Grazer, only then realizing he had *slain Mahome*.

This was *not* how the quest was supposed to go. They were supposed to set everything in order and prepare for Ernalda to arrive and then die, though Yrsa knew the Lightbringer Quest would bring her back to life. Or something; Yrsa had always been distracted by what she now knew were spirits. "This way!" Yora shouted and they fled out the back door. Into *more Grazers*. Most of them got grabbed easily but Yrsa now touched her falcon broach, which she now knew contained a Wing Brother, then took Yora and Braneld by the hand and *FLEW*.

They found Harrid, riddled with arrows and on the edge of death; Braneld healed his wounds and Yrsa saw Yora cry; she knew Yora's father had been slain by the Grazers; no one had the power to save him, for his body had been stolen. But now... everyone knew Chalanna Arroy could raise the dead. If they were fast enough. Three boys now arrived in a wagon, driven by Jarnegar, whose father was one of the clan traders, and now he, like his father, served Issaries. On guard duty was Argan, who surprised no one by initiating to Orlanth, and Tybalt, a strange young man in strange clothing, pale like a Pelorian and dark haired like an Orlanthi.

Together, they found the Grazer Camp and defeated the five headed monster which led them (apparently a 'Pentan', whatever that was), after Yora tricked it into fighting itself. In this battle, Yrsa met a Cloud Brother and bound him into her ring, then with his help, they could evacuate everyone they rescued, for the wagon could not carry everyone. Then somehow they stumbled into the Unity Battle! They joined the shamans and they battled evil spirits which had been corrupted by chaos. But poor Leikadessa died. But Braneld, gentle Braneld defied death. She gathered herself and Yrsa and Yora and Harrid and Tybalt and Angar and Jarnegar around Leikadessa and prayed and life flowed back into Leikadessa and the poison flowed out, "FOR ERNALDA IS NOT DEAD! SHE IS ONLY SLEEPING!" And so death surrendered to life and Yrsa cried for her dead father and then she understood.

Out of the chaos of this initiation, out of this darkest hour, seven had assembled, seven Lightbringers with herself in place of Ginna Jar, the wyter of the Lightbringers, and mysterious Tybalt in the role of Flesh Man. And now Ernalda lived again.

After a life of wandering, she had found her place and her destiny. Where that will lead her, even the spirits do not know, but she will find out.

The adults were overwhelmed with joy to see them again, fearing them lost and the Chief swore her into his service. The clan had not had a shaman for three generations and while they were strange folk, they too were part of the Storm Tribe. She had her own room in his house now, tiny as it was, and she intends to have a stead for her mother to dwell in without shame.

And when the storm which is coming arrives, she intends to be ready.

Pick your Attributes


All Universal Moves

Master of Spirits: You can see any unbound spirit which isn't hiding. When you confront unbound spirits, roll +Magic. On a 10+, gain 3 hold. On a 7-9, gain 1 hold. On a 6-, gain 1 hold but one of the spirits may immediately make a soft move on you. You can spend hold to:


Charms are magical items empowered by a spirit you have convinced to take up residence. As items, they can be stolen from you, though you can replace the stolen one with a new one at the start of the next session. Charms do not cooperate with anyone who steals them, unless that person is a Shaman themselves.

When you want to invoke your charms, roll +Charm. 10+: You get 3 hold to use on that Charm. 7-9: You get one hold to use on the Charm. 6 or less: The spirit goes into a snit and won't do anything for you for the rest of the game day.

You can 'release' a spirit from a charm; you get an automatic 10+ result but can't use the charm again until the next session.

Choose 3 You Know How to Summon:


The price of a Shaman's power is Geasa, taboos you cannot violate or you weaken your power; you suffer -1 ongoing to any spirit-related roll each time you violate one of your geasa and this penalty is cumulative. Your Geasa are imposed by the Charms you have. Enemies may know these and use them against you and it's the MC's job to put you in a position periodically of either offending a human/elf/etc or violating the taboo.

You do get 1 XP when you hold to the Geasa even though it causes you social blowback.


Shamans don't wear armor and in fact, wear weird clothing which spirits like and everyone else sees you as a bit of a freak. You have a Shaman's Staff and two normal weapons.

Shaman's Staff - Broom:

Secondary weapons (pick two):


Choose one:

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