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Glorantha World

An Apocalypse World Hack for Glorantha

The Basic Mechanism

Glorantha World operates by 'Fiction First'; you express what you are doing in-universe, then you figure out how to deal with it mechanically if need be. Some actions have standard resolutions, known as Moves. In others, the MC (Master of Ceremonies) will declare you roll 2d6 + an appropriate Attribute, with 10 or higher giving you what you want, 7-9 giving you some of what you want, or all of it at a moderate cost (a soft move) and 6 or less meaning you fail badly and suffer bigger consequences (a hard move).

Examples: Tybalt, Mercenary Malkioni Sorceror, is bored at a feast at the Red Cow Clan, so he challenges Harrid, a Grey Sage, to a game of Stones. The loser has to give the winner a magical secret. There is no standard move for playing Stones (a game like Go), so the MC rules this is a Wits action; since failure has consequences, they roll for it. The dice gods are cruel and Tybalt rolls 4 + 1 Wits = 5. The MC gets to make a Hard Move. Tybalt has to let Harrid borrow and copy his Grimoire, The Air Rune Applied to Weather. And everyone watching the game laughs at him. Some days, it's not easy being Tybalt.

Later, Harrid has learned a Flight spell from his copy of The Air Rune Applied to Weather, and he and Tybalt are flying around over the Red Cow Chief's Stead. Then Angar, Thunder Rebel, sees them, shouts some gibble gabble from one of Orlanth's myths and leaps into the air, then brags about how he is the greatest racer who EVER LIVED. Tybalt fights the urge to challenge Angar on his bullshit, because if he always did that, he would do nothing with his life EXCEPT challenge Angar's bullshit. But Harrid says, "Of course we will take the challenge!" even though Grey Sages normally aren't that stupid. Tybalt's player winces, knowing Tybalt has +0 Grace and when the MC says Tybalt must make a Grace roll, he curses everything. But hey, at least it isn't Might (Tybalt's Might is -1). If his foes were NPCs, Tybalt would just roll, but Angar (Grace +1) and Harrid (Grace -1) are PCs, so they all roll. In this context, the MC rules they'll each roll and the highest roll wins, but if you get 6 or less, those observing will mock you and you will have -1 ongoing to Charm checks the rest of the day. Tybalt rolls 8 + 0 = 8, Harrid rolls 3 -1 = 2, and Angar rolls 8 +1 = 9. Angar wins, Tybalt places and Harrid gets made fun of for his bad flying skills.

Later, Dorric, a farmer, accuses Tybalt of cursing his crops. Tybalt glares at him angrily and threatens worse than that if he doesn't stop LYING. This is clearly Intimidate, a standard move based on +Might. But Tybalt has Exploit Fear of Sorcery: When you Intimidate, you can roll +Magic instead of +Might. So he gets to roll his Magic +2! He rolls 10 + 2 = 12!

Here is Intimidate (+Might) : When you are bullying someone into submission through strength and threats, roll +Might.

Tybalt picks 'They Give You What You Want' and 'They donít force you to carry out your threat'. The MC picks 'They flee or otherwise get out of the way.'

Later, mind you, Dorric puts poison ivy in Tybalt's bed.

Basic Moves


Character Type Playbooks

Example Characters

Clan Creation

Collectively, the players will create their clan's playbook through establishing the clan's history (voting on the answer to each question).

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