The 1999 Chicken Ball Awards

Explanatory Message from Megane 6.7, Chicken Balls Organizer and Head Silly Person

The Chicken Balls

What are they? Well, in Canada, they're a bunch of breaded chicken, shaped vaguely into a round ball and passed off in Chinese food restaurants as actual, *authentic* Chinese food. To the best of my knowledge, they do not contain any chicken genitalia whatsoever....but really, will we ever know for certain?

These particular Chicken Balls, however, do not pass themselves off to the gullible as a national delicacy, but instead are a celebration of the best fanfiction has to offer. Sure, you're probably saying to yourself right now....

"Oh! I get it! Like that Talewhopper dude that used to review all the fics that everybody had already read like Lawson and Leifker?"

Well, not exactly. These awards ARE meant to honor the best fanfics of 1999 but not simply on one merit alone. We wish to honor *all* aspects of fanfiction such as 'Best Darkfic/Shockfic', 'Best New Author', 'Most Underrated Fanfic', 'Best Fight Scene in a Fanfic', 'Best Shortfic', 'Best Lemon Fanfic' and many more, including an award that honors the author that has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty to be encouraging and supportive with his or her C&C: 'The Kasumi/Keiichi'.

Also, since most award presentations tend to be taken VERY seriously, we use a tongue-in-cheek approach by way of humorous skits between awards, backstage shenanigans, and some good-natured roasting with awards such as 'Worst New Character', 'Most Overrated Fanfic or Series', 'Sickest Fanfic', 'Worst of the Worst' and of course, everyone's favorite: 'The Chicken Cannon Target of the Year'.

But what really makes these awards special and unique, is the overall participation of the authors and readers during the awards. Any fanfic of any series posted in 1999 to the FFML or RAAC is eligible. Every presentation of an award is done by a different author, written in that author's style and using that author's unique brand of humor. Every award is accepted personally by the winner and that person's appreciation is expressed through an acceptance speech and/or skit. And we have a new feature this year that will have interviewers asking authors their feelings about being nominated before we announce the winners. We're talking real intense drama here, folks! ;P

So, take a minute to vote for your favorite fanfics in the CB categories we have to offer and thank you for participating! :)


Megane 6.7

The 1999 Chicken Ball Awards are here!

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