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El-Hazard was a series whose characters, story and setting I had great affection for when I was only familiar with the first set of OVAs. Unfortunately, Pioneer came out with a second set of OVAs, and an "alternate continuity" TV series, and another TV series set in the universe of the OVAs.

I have not seen El-Hazard : The Wanderers (the alternate continuity TV series), so cannot comment upon it, but the follow-ups to the first set of OVAs were terribly disappointing. I lost a lot of respect for the series because of them, and a lot of interest. I consider this to be a factor (not the only one, but one of them) that accounts for the incompleteness of my only attempted El-Hazard story, a multi-part series titled Mortal Engines.

I had big hopes for Mortal Engines, some of which I was able to fulfill, and others (due to my failure to complete it) that I was not. I sometimes think about taking it up again and attempting to complete it, as I liked the direction it was going; I was genuinely sorry that a loss of interest caused me to abandon it in a way I was not for my aborted Ranma fanfiction.

Mortal Engines

Chapter 1 - Das Nachtwanderlied
Chapter 2 - Music With Changing Parts
Chapter 3 - Dialogue du Vent et de la Mer
Chapter 4 - The Protecting Veil
Chapter 5 - A Sea Symphony
Chapter 6 - Metamorphosen
Chapter 7 - Four Sea Interludes
Chapter 8 - Miroirs
Chapter 9 - You Who Will Come to the Surface
Chapter 10 - Enigma Variations
Chapter 11 - Verklaerte Nacht : Grave
Chapter 12 - Verklaerte Nacht : Molto Rallentando

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