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This site is my central repository for the anime fanfiction I've written, replacing the messy tangle of HTML that had built up over the last few years.

Update : October 3rd, 2003

I have completed and publicly released a fairly lengthy post-series Shoujo Kakumei Utena fanfic, "Beneath the Skin". In addition to spoilers for the whole TV series, it has explicit sex, so steer clear if you're underage or have other issues with characters doing naughty things.

I have also tweaked the appearance of the web site slightly, changing the appearance of links to be closer to the usual web standards, and removing the frames completely. I've become much more partisan and opinionated about web design since I started doing it as my job. :)

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Update: October 3rd, 2003

Most of what's written below is still true, the fact that I just released a new fic notwithstanding. :) I figure I will now retire again and release something in another year, and become sort of a Michael Jordan of fanfic.

In addition, I keep a LiveJournal now, so anyone interested in watching me post a random update every month or so is free to look at that.

I began writing anime fanfiction in late 1997, and "officially" stopped in early 2002, when my interests moved elsewhere and my free time became more limited due to work and university. I am still an anime fan (in fact, I probably watch more of it then I did when I was writing regularly) and still maintain contacts with a number of friends I originally met through the anime fanfiction community. I do not write these days, and I read very little.

I am generally happy to reply to e-mail inquiries regarding my fanfiction, though it may take a while for me to get back to you. I am, however (just to make this clear up front), not generally interested in debating why I chose to do something (characterization, canon use, etc) in a particular way in one fic or another--which is to say, you are free to ask me, but a response is not guaranteed, especially for the older material (Ranma). You can e-mail me at

I was a member of the now-defunct fanfiction collective Transpacific Fanfiction, along with Mike Loader and Susan Doenime.

For about two years I was a moderator on the Fanfiction Mailing List (FFML), one of the older and larger anime fanfiction mailing lists out there.

I am also a member of the Fanfic Revolution.

Obligatory Disclaimer: The stories on these pages are based off the copyrighted works of other people; specific credit is given in the stories themselves. The stories themselves, on the other hand, belong to me, and while due to the nature of the Internet I cannot stop you doing whatever you want with them, I politely request that if you want to post them anywhere, you drop me an e-mail asking my permission (which you will almost certainly receive).