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Like many authors, I got my start writing fanfiction for Ranma 1/2, which was probably the most popular series for anime fanfiction (except perhaps Sailor Moon) when I started writing. I wrote a lot of Ranma 1/2 fanfiction. A lot. It is of extremely varying quality and tends towards being serious or dark. Some of these stories are on their own separate pages.

Waters Under Earth | Turning the Wheel |Shorter Works | Collaborations

Waters Under Earth

If I have any claim to fame in fanfiction, it's probably with Waters Under Earth, a long, sprawling, occasionally incoherent Ranma fantasy epic...(more)

Turning the Wheel

The early parts of Turning the Wheel were my first publicly-released works of Ranma 1/2 fanfiction (of the ones that were never released I don't even like to think)...(more)

Shorter Works

Dies Irae

A short and dark post-manga story. I still rather like this one.


A crossover of Ranma 1/2 and the Dreamlands setting first created by H.P. Lovecraft. I still really like a lot of the writing aspects of this story, and think they got carried over to my later non-Ranma 1/2 work in a way that the writing in most of the other Ranma 1/2 stories didn't.

Gardens of Proserpine

I have nothing to say about this story except (perhaps in my defense) that it's the kind of thing you write when you're eighteen years old and depressed and think Algernon Swinburne is the greatest poet ever.

Hand of Glory

A Ryoga story, post-manga. Probably represents the "middle ground" of my shorter Ranma 1/2 fanfiction. Nothing I especially like, but nothing that really makes me cringe either.

Mourning Becomes Kuonji

A post-series Ukyou story, the last story I ever wrote for Ranma 1/2. Heavy-handed, but not without some good points.


Weird story, post-manga. Has an interesting idea behind it, but I don't think I pulled it off quite as well as I could have at the time of writing.

Stars Against the Sun

A slightly strange piece of bittersweetness.

Time, Out of Mind

A parody of self-insertion fanfics, written (I like to think) back before parodies of self-insertion became so common that they became indistinguishable from what they were supposedly parodying.

What I Was Once

Post-series Mousse story. Angsty. Little else to say about it except that (as a point of interest) it was the first short Ranma 1/2 fanfic I wrote.


Written with David Tai

The Ranma 1/2/Pokemon Stories

David and I wrote two stories of a projected three-part series involving Ranma 1/2 and Pokemon. These are Ranma 1/2 fics only by the virtue of the fact that Pantyhose Tarou appears in them. They are very silly. I really have no more to say than that.

Part One - "Pantyhose Tarou, I Choose You!"

Part Two - "Evolve, Pantyhose, Evolve!"

Written with Chris Willmore


An unfinished collaboration between myself and Chris Willmore. Dark and creepy, deals with the Musk Dynasty and some other things. I'm pretty satisfied with this story except for how it never got finished.

Chapter 1 - Unfolding
Chapter 2 - Lamia
Chapter 3 - Awakenings

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