Turning the Wheel

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The early parts of Turning the Wheel were my first publicly-released works of Ranma 1/2 fanfiction (of the ones that were never released I don't even like to think). This shows, a lot.

Turning the Wheel is four linked stories, of extremely varying length. They are all roughly 1/3rd Stephen King, 1/3rd H.P. Lovecraft, and 1/3rd Rumiko Takahashi. The writing style is poor in many places by my later standards. A few good moments, but (in my opinion; others have differed with me on this in conversation) really nothing I didn't do better later on in Waters Under Earth.

Turning the Wheel has had a few pieces of fan art done for it.

I. Our Own Damnation

Part One - Falls the Shadow
Part Two - Lest Darkness Come
Part Three - All Night Have the Roses Heard
Part Four - Deep His Midnight Lair

II. Thy Fate Shall Overtake

Part One - Shadows At Morning
Part Two - Conspicious By Their Absence
Part Three - Journeys Into Evening
Part Four - To Rule the Night

III. The Soul In Sleep

IV. The Dying of the Light

Part One - Stone Brings Forth
Part Two - A Distant, Darkened Echo
Part Three - Wings of the Storm
Part Four - My Lady of Pain
Part Five - Shades of Night
Part Six - Truths and Consequences
Part Seven - Even a Worthless Weapon
Part Eight - The Circle Shall Close
Part Nine - The Sepulchre of Stars
Part Ten - Within the Darkness and Amidst the Stone

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