Waters Under Earth

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If I have a claim to fame in fanfiction, it's probably with Waters Under Earth, a long, sprawling, occasionally incoherent Ranma fantasy epic. I worked on Waters Under Earth intensively from late 1997 to December 31st, 2000. At that time I was very heavily under the stylistic influence of the fantasy author Guy Gavriel Kay, especially his Fionavar Tapestry trilogy; this will show very heavily in Waters Under Earth to anyone familiar with Kay's work.

Looking back, I am both somewhat proud and somewhat ashamed of Waters Under Earth.

Good points: some very good writing, and the fact that I did manage to complete such a massive project still impresses me a lot. I also got a lot of very cool fan art for the series, which is always a bonus.

Bad points: derivative, with homages that occasionally border on outright theft. Quite a few plot threads that just don't go anywhere. Perhaps 1/3rd longer than it has to be.

Will you like WUE? I don't know. I don't think I would be able to read the whole thing through these days. On the other hand, if you're a fan of epic fantasy (as I used to be) and Ranma (ditto), you may get something out of it.

Prelude - King of Ashes
Chapter 1 - Small Beginnings
Chapter 2 - Tangled Webs
Chapter 3 - Divided Duties
Chapter 4 - The Motive of the Deed
Chapter 5 - Best-Laid Plans
Chapter 6 - Stained Be My Soul
Chapter 7 - Revelations In Grey
Chapter 8 - Life's Shadow Lifted
Vignette I - The Dragon and the Raven
Chapter 9 - Homecoming's Mist
Chapter 10 - Fragments of Emerald, Remnants of Jade
Chapter 11 - Hammer and Anvil
Chapter 12 - Reunion and Conjunction
Chapter 13 - Hunt's End
Vignette II - Embers
Chapter 14 - Of Once and Future Kings
Chapter 15 - The Superflux of Pain
Chapter 16 - Fire in the Lake
Chapter 17 - A Movement of Darkness On Darkness
Chapter 18 - The Long Night's Journey
Chapter 19 - The Motion and the Act
Chapter 20 - Day Departing
Chapter 21 - The Truth of Power
Vignette III- In My Beginning
Chapter 22 - And One to Walk Alone
Chapter 23 - Those Left Behind
Chapter 24 - A Pricking of Thumbs
Chapter 25 - What Rose in Darkness
Chapter 26 - Past Sins
Chapter 27 - Trials
Chapter 28 - Judgements
Chapter 29 - The Halls of Night
Chapter 30 - The Figure In the Shadows
Vignette IV- The Annals of the World
Chapter 31 - Totentanz
Chapter 32 - That Which We Destroy
Chapter 33 - Songs of Life and Death
Chapter 34 - A Face Burns Through Me
Chapter 35 - Oak and Ash and Thorn
Chapter 36 - And Let the Dark Come Down
Chapter 37 - The Crucible
Vignette V- How the King . . .
Chapter 38 - The Conflagration
Chapter 39 - The Voice of the Rain
Chapter 40 - The Night-Sea Journey
Epilogue - Riverrun

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