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I am Caroline Seawright, and this site is a show case for my writing about culture, history and information about ancient Egypt and Egyptology.

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Archaeology (Honours) at LaTrobe University.

This site includes articles on the Egyptian gods and goddesses, such as Hathor. Other Egyptian topics covering pharaoh Hatshepsut, animals, sexuality in ancient Egypt, beer and wine, the ancient language, hieroglyphs, mummy KV60-A, themes originating from Predynastic Egypt, and how Khufu's Great Pyramid may have been built. Archaeological essays include a site report for La Trobe's TARDIS excavation, ochre use during the African Middle Stone Age, Aboriginal Victoria, Rippon Lea House, feng shui at a Victorian mining camp, ritual cacao use by the Aztec and Maya, evidence of symbolic behaviour by the Ice Age peoples of Sahul, the Maya moon goddess, human behaviour of Neanderthals, and Seahenge. I have also written about polyandry, and geisha and Japanese culture. But, as you can probably guess, I love the mysterious land of ancient Egypt, Egyptology and archaeology!

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