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The Church of Ryouga Deaconate
The High Priestess of Ryouga - Caroline *
The High Mave of Ryouga - Veronica
The High Mage and Slave Harem Girl of Ryouga - Anna
The High Temple Eunuchiser - Ben N.
The Preacher of Ryouga - Yasuhisa
The Priestess of Ryouga, First Class - Amanda *
The Priestess Kitsune of the Southern Cross - Levenia *
The Priestess and Defender of All the Greatness that is Ryouga - Jenny *
The Crusifer, Holder of the Sacred Umbrella - Lacy
The First Chaplain of Ryouga - Mike
The Second Chaplain of Ryouga, Recorder of His Travels - Ross
The Third Chaplain of Ryouga, Keeper of the Sacred Iron Cloth Technique - Rudy
The First Deacon of Ryouga, Keeper of the Compass - Kevin E. *
The Second Deacon of Ryouga, Tracker of the Wandering One - Kent
The Third Deacon of Ryouga - Melissa *
The First Disciple of Ryouga - Brian
The Second Disciple of Ryouga, Guide to the Lost One - Jen
The Third Disciple of Ryouga - Kevin
The Fourth Disciple of Ryouga, Guardian of the Sacred Walnut Grove - Cindy
The First Acolyte of Ryouga - Dasha
The Second Acolyte of Ryouga - Whitney
The Third Acolyte of Ryouga - Alex
The Fourth Acolyte of Ryouga, Ghoul Killer - Chris *
The Fifth Acolyte In Charge Of Polishing The Fangs Of Ryouga Statues - Sebastian
The First Paladin of Ryouga, Bane of all Squishers of P-Chan - Christine
The Second Paladin of Ryouga, Guardian of the Sacred Heart of Glass - Kimberly
The Financial Advisor to the Church of Ryouga - Nick P.
The First Official Janitor of the Church of Ryouga - Arlene
The High Monk of Ryouga - Mike P.
The Kettle Warmer of Ryouga - Tom
The True and Loyal Best Friend of Ryouga - Amanda S. *
The Guy Who Got Lost and Stumbled in Here - Charles *
The Grand Navigator of the Eternally Lost One - Nicole *
Holy Daughter and Guide of the Wandering One - Lilith *
The Apocalypse Serving P-chan who Guides the Lost One - Pat *
The Apprentice of Ryouga - Michael
The Gatherer of the Sacred and Many Fighting Bandannas - James P. *
The Royal Assasin in the Services of the Church of Ryouga - Artur *
Lord Hibiki's Navigator, Compass Holder and Winged Assassin - Lyra *
The Avatar of Ryouga - Don
The Avatar of the American West Coast - Dave *
The Herald of Ryouga - Danielle *
The Court Jester and Comic Relief of the Church of Ryouga - Jordan
The Shinji-esque Counselor to and Consoler of the Great One - Ashley
The Grand Theologist of the Church of Ryouga - Jeremy
The Grand Girlie Worshipper of Ryouga - Kachi
The Slavish Worshipper of all Things Ryouga - Morgan
The Muse of Pigs and Big, Heavy Umbrellas - George *
Cenobiarch, Procurer of Spare Bandannas, Missionary to the US East Coast & Ambassador to the Church of Ukyou - Matt
Masseuse of Ryouga - Jen *
Missionary of Ryouga - Joshua
Mistress of the Shishi Houkou-Dan - Heather *
Messenger of the Church of Ryouga - Jamie P.
Church Sun Dancer Who Chases Away the Rain - Mike P.
P-chan no Miko - Lauren
Remover of Sweat from the Brow of the High Priestess of Ryouga - James T. *
Ryouga no Miko - Shana
Ryouga's Chosen One - Reed
Moral Supporter of Ryouga When His Heart of Glass is Broken - Jason V.
The Guardian Angel of Ryouga - Nina *
Sacred Monkey-Like Creature and Keeper of Forbidden Scrolls Detailing Ryouga-Sama's Childhood - Brad E. *
Secret Angel and Loyal Heart Supporter - Kim *
Secret Admirer of Ryouga - Erin H.
Shrine Maiden to Ryouga and Keeper of His Sacred Hair - Hsiu-Hsien *
Singer of Hymns and Keeper of the Kleenex for the Sacred Nose Bleeds of Ryouga - Jenn
Ryouga's Secret Guardian Angel - Ruth *
Ryouga's Incompetent Mediator to Women - Reeyan
Holy Smasher of Purple-Headed Amazons - Khristopher *
The Sacred One's Partner in Wandering - Bess 'Onna Ryouga' *
The Church Treasurer and Battle-Umbrella Instructor - Alex P.
Oracle of Ryouga - Brittany *
Official Guardian Angel of the Eternal Lost Boy - Alissa
Official Guide and High Warrior of Ryouga - Nick *
Bearer of the Bite Mark - Elizabeth
Bearer of the Consecrated GPS - Andy *
Head Map Maker - Bryan
Heater of the Water from the Kettle of Ryouga - Andrea *
Keeper of the Sacred Maps of Ryouga - Denise
Keeper of the Hibiki Files - Holly
Keeper of the Original Yellow and Black Bandanna - Frank
Keeper of the Sacred Souvenirs - Marisa
Keeper of the Sacred Bandanna and Architect of the Church - Alex N. *
Keeper of the Sacred Umbrella - Jason
Keeper of the Kettle of Ryouga - David
Keeper of the Pig - Erin *
Keeper of the Bucket of P-chan - Jamie
Keeper of the Bandannas and Umbrellas of Ryouga - Jon *
Knight Errant of the Church of Ryouga - Lee *
Arc-Knight First Class, Protector of the Sacred Pig - Tim *
Harbinger of the Lost One, Reaver of the Saotome Nuisance - Rob
Holder of the Divine Backpack - Douglas
Holder of the Emergency Hot Water - Stephen G.
Sharpener of the Fangs - Meredith *
Shadowed Guardian of Ryouga - Tabitha *
Sender of the Sacred Gifts to the Beautious Akane - Kay
Tender to the Shrine of Akane - John S.
Sage of the Church of Ryouga - T. Robert
Sailor Tenku, Senshi of the Fanged One - Kitiara *
Fanged Keeper of the Bandannas - Raven *
Tier of the Sacred Leg Bonds - Vanessa *
Tier of the Sacred Bandanas - Erica *
True Companion to Ryouga and P-chan - Rachel *
The True Wandering Student Ryouga Hibiki - Erik *
Perpetual Companion and Russian Diviner of the Lost One - Katya *
Caretaker of the Dark and Lonely Place - Keener
Choir Director of the Church of Ryouga, Maker of the Bandanas - Kelly *
Cleaner of the Honourable Bandanas - Phillip
Cleaner of the Home of the Fanged One, Packer of the Sacred Pack - Kelly D. *
Commander of CoR H.T.S. (Hibiki Tracking Satellite) - Sean 'Jove' L.
Issuer of Ryouga's Noble Challenges - Maryam
Incomprehensibly Violent Seeker of the Nannichuan Waters - Marshall *
Washer of the Sacred Garments of Ryouga - Caryll *
Washer of Bandannas, Amazon Lover of Ryouga - Kristen
Wisewoman All-Knowing in the Ways and Travellings of Ryouga - Alia *
Official Personal Washer of Ryouga-sama and P-chan - Vilja
Official Apprentice Personal Washer of Ryouga-sama and P-chan - Emi *
Official Cleaner of the Bloody Nose, Healer of all His Battle Wounds - Amanda F. *
Official Procurer of Food for P-chan - Melissa M.
Wiper Of His Frustrated Tears - Beth *
Warrior Nun of Ryouga - Yumeko
Warrior Prophet, Guardian of Ryouga's Shining Destiny and Dark Secrets - Luis *
Wielder of Ryouga's Belt of Doom, and Defender of the Faith - Brad *
Defender of the Faith, Akane, and Ryouga-sama's Holy Hibiki Residence - Ranga *
Decoder of the Houtou Onchi's Incomprehensible Maps - Alloran
Deranged Obsessor of Ryouga - Acid *
Wielder of the Holy Umbrella - Arnold *
Ambassador to Akari - Jamie
Disciple of Akari, Ryouga's True Love - Laurel *
Altar Boy to The Church, Keeper of the Sacramental Wine - Jamie S.
Protector of the Holy Infinite Bandanas - Clifford
Protector of P-chan - Renee
Protector of the Church - John *
Protector of Akane while Ryouga's Lost and Ranma's not Around - Lucas *
Protector of Akane, Ryouga's True Friend - Ruben *
Protector of Akari, Ryouga's True Soulmate - Sean
Protector of Akari and Katsunishiki, the Sacred Sumo Pig of Ryouga - Benjamin
Protector of Ryouga's Partner (In Trying to Break up Ranma and Akane) Ukyou - J-F
Leader of the Support Group for the Hopelessly Lost (Also a Client) - Chris C.
Lector of the Church of Ryouga, Ambassador to Ukyou - Katherine *
Love-slave and Contract Assassin for Ryouga - Rachel T. *
Amazon Goddess Lover-slave and Fang-Sharpener to the Eternally Lost One - Natascha
Lovingly Sympathetic Listener to His Tales of Woe - Steffie
Preparer of the Bath of P-chan - Noah *
Servant/Flunkie to the rest of the Ryouga Worshipers - Gretchen
Singing Friar - Brenon *
Sister of the Lost One - Misha
Second Sister of the Lost One - Lee C. *
Guard of the Church - Nathan
Guardian of the Allies of Ryouga - Amanda J.
Guardian of the Sacred Lot Behind the House of Ryouga Hibiki - Ronnie *
Lady of the Sacred Fighting Lot Behind the Lost One's House - Colleen
Guardian of the Heitouenniichuan - Lisette *
Guide of the Eternally Lost - Dean *
Great Defender of P-Chan - Erika *
UnderSecretary of Theocratic Bureaucracy - Pietro
Unceasingly Vigilant Guardian of Ryouga's Dog, Shirokuro - Christina *
Sentry of the Church - Jaymz *
Chief Deacon of Mindless Ranting of the Holy Church of Ryouga - Tsurugi
Chief Folder of the Sacred and Holy Maps, Guardian of the Bamboo Umbrella - Dominique
Minstrel and Personal Portrait Artist for Ryouga - Vyxqui
Personal 'Yote of Ryouga - Katie
Empyreal of Ryouga - Neil *
Virgin Sacrifice to the Sacred Ryouga - Kelly P. *
The Youko Guardian Of Ryouga - Hashiba *
Fixer of Anything that Ryouga Destroys with His Kami-like Grace - Stephanie *
First Priestess of the Gecko Sect of the Church of Ryouga - Eva
First and Right-Hand Concubine to Ryouga - Sandra
Second and Left-Hand Concubine to Ryouga, Bodyguard of the Holy One - Shelley
Defender of Ryouga-kamisama on RAAM - Anne
Deliverer of the Holy Hot Water, Map Reader and Chief Hugger of P-chan - Jessica
Dark Gothic Gaurdian of Depression - Ashe
Ryouga's Public Defender - Stewart *
Ryouga's Little Secret - James *
Ryouga's Fanged Disciple - Jane
Ryouga's Dead Maiden with No Sense of Direction - Chantal *
Expert Tail-Curler of the Chiisai Kuroi Kobuta Formally Known As P-chan - Christine R. *
Conqueror of Perfect Lion Roar Shot - Israel P.
The Wolf-Girl Usher of the Divine Worship Services to Ryouga-sama - Tada Y.

* - Part of CASKET; Collective Alliance of Shampoo Killers - Essential Training**

Many thanks to Chris for his wonderful acronym!
** - All people against S.H.A.M.P.O.O. (Shameless Hussy Aspiring Marriage, Perpetually Offending Others) need to do this training course.

Many thanks to Sebastian for his wonderful acronym!

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