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[ First thing in the morning... ] [ Ryouga playing a card game ] [ Ranma flying at Ryouga with a punch! ] [ Ryouga and Ukyou from a Ranma 1/2 opening sequence ] [ Ranma looks a little upset at a smug Ryouga ] [ Close up of Ryouga, looking slightly shocked ] [ Side view of a serious Ryouga ] [ Ryouga, surrounded by a red, evil aura! ] [ Ryouga - posessed! ] [ Ryouga, chopping wood with his bare hands ] [ Ukyou and Ryouga doing a punch together ] [ Ryouga, attacking with his umbrella ] [ Ryouga, in a fighting stance, umbrella out ] [ Kawaii picture of a Ryouga/P-chan badge ] [ B7W sketch of Ryouga's face and a letter behind him ] [ Ryouga, looking sweet, looking at P-chan ] [ Ryouga holding up Happousai and yelling at him, from the first Ranma 1/2 movie, Battle at Nekonron, China! A Battle to Defy the Rules! ] [ Black and white sketch of P-chan ] [ Ryouga's face, in the sunlight ] [ P-chan ] [ Ryouga and the female Ranma ] [ Ryouga saving onna Ranma from Kunou? ] [ Close up of Ryouga, showing his fangs ] [ Ryouga, looking cute ] [ Ryouga, summoning his ki, from the second Ranma 1/2 movie, Battle at Togenkyou! Win Back the Brides! ] [ Ryogua and Shampoo, grey scale, from the opening of one of the Ranma 1/2 tv series' ] [ Ryouga training Akane ] [ A few cute pics of P-chan in different poses ] [ Cute little pic of Ryouga's face and P-chan, next to each other ] [ Water colour of Ryouga, warding off attacks, when he saves Ranma ] [ Cute picture of Ryouga without his bandana fixing his bowtie. Scanned in by Marisa! ] [ Cool picture of Ryouga, with a tiger design on his top. Scanned in by Marisa! ] [ Ryouga in a forest, lost ] [ Ukyou and Ryouga scan from the manga ] [ Ryouga, from the anti tunnel of love Super OVA, holding Akane with ghosts in the background ] [ Close up of Ryouga's face ] [ Sexy picture of Ryouga and Mousse surfacing from a hot river, after changing to human form from their cursed form... Mmmm... ] [ P-chan and Ryouga with a kawaii face drawn on their stomach, Akane in the background ] [ Pic of Ryouga, with Ranma in the background, trapped under a big bag ] [ Pic of Ryouga with P-chans all over him, with a pink and white background ] [ Ranma, dressed as Ryouga's 'fiancee', holding P-chan ] [ Ryouga, getting a lift from Shirokuro, the only one who knows where he's going in the Hibiki family! ] [ Ranma and Akane in a shot above a close up, side on view of Ryouga's face ] [ Ryouga, from the ground looking up, on a card ] [ Black and white sketch of Ryouga ] [ Ryouga, holding a letter for Akane ] [ Akari, holding P-chan in her arms ] [ Ranma, dressed as Ryouga's 'fiancee', holding P-chan ] [ Ryouga, with a noroi no wara-ningyo affixed to his umbrella ] [ Black and white sketch of onna Ranma, holding P-chan on her head ] [ Ryouga doing his (not-ultimate) shishi houkoudan! ] [ Cool pic of Ryouga on a playing card ]

[ A line of 4 cute P-chans ]

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