These are the awards that my site has won, so far!

[ Viz Valentine's Webpage Contest Runner Up ] My Church of Ryouga was runner up for the Viz Valentine's Webpage Contest! Yay! ^_^ [ Links2Go Key Resource Award ]
[ Wicked Page Award ] [ This Site is King of the Web ] [ KJEM's Treasured Site Award ]
[ Nomination Members WS Award ] [ CM Award ] [ Winner of the Week Award ]
[ Award of Anime Excellence ] [ Out of this World 3 Stars Award ] [ Internet Savvy Award ]
[ Web Designer's Page and Content Excellence Award ] Self promotion said that my web site has the following ratings: Coolness, fun, weirdness, fast loading, solid HTML, excellent content, good page design, personal site and web resource! [ Excellence Award from ]

Any page dedicated to Ranma 1/2 deserves major congrats, but a page devoted to Ryouga deserves the greatest praise I can offer (Ryouga is my fave character of Ranma 1/2). I hereby bestow upon you the famous, yet unofficial award of Ranmaniac's Award of Excellence!!! Keep up the good work.

- Ranmaniac

Kunoichi's Home Page Award Winner

Anime Web Turnpike - 4th Jan 2001

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