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ContikiAnime Expo 99

Well, here's a day by day report on both my Contiki and AX trip(s)!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

17th July 1999

Today I got up, probably earlier than I should have, as I was still tired from the night before. :p

I met Trisha ("The Fanfic Author Formally Known as Foxtrot") and her fiancee Damon while heading to the Dealer's Hall. We walked around for the morning - they were looking for some cells, so we hung out together. At lunch time, we went to my hotel and got some Pizza Hut Pizza (yeah, it just tastes as icky there as it does here in Australia!), and headed over for half of the AD Vision panel, and then stayed for the Viz panel.

I asked the guys at the AD Vision panel if they were going to let SBS have the rights to the subbed (rather than just dubbed, as they were showing over here) Neon Genesis Evangelion, but they said that it's the people down in Australia who asked for just the dubbed, so to talk to them.

I also met Kevin, who does Fansview (a web page with lots of photos and reports on anime conventions), and he took some photos of me while I was talking to the guy on the panel. I think I look like a zombie in those photos - which isn't surprising, considering I was dead tired!!!

Trisha and I saw the cutest little girl in a cosplay cosume walk by with her mother, so we both had to run out and get a photo of her. The only photo of a cosplayer I took! But she was soooooooooo kawaii!!! ^_^

Afterwards, Hitomi from AnimeMUCK turned up with Toshi, who was doing the panel. It seems that he was expecting Trish, or someone, to do the panel with him, but he was just by himself! He eventually went off for a bit, to find someone.. and came back. Still by himself! Luckily, after a little bit, Bill turned up and did the panel with Toshi. Bill to answer the comics stuff, and Toshi to answer the video stuff.

Toshi's 'big announcement' was that Viz are going to put out 'Love and Pop', a live action movie by Hideaki Anno (the guy who did Eva).

(There was also an annoying little so-and-so in the audience, always winging and asking stupid questions. I wish we could turf people out of panels on their ears - maybe it's people like this that make me stay away from panels!!)

I talked to Hitomi for a while, till he had to go back to work the Viz booth again. I left Trisha and Damon, and went with Besh for lunch. Toshi turned up, later, as he was starving, so we had lunch together.

We all then decided to go to the spa - I mean, how can you really be at AX without spending most of the day in a spa!?!? (I wonder what we'll do at the Disneyland Hotel... I mean, it'll be a different spa! How can it be AX?!)

So that's what we did all afternoon - stayed in the spa, and some others turned up, including Kit. Trish, it turned out, had been at the pool all day, so she was there, too.

Afterwards, we all went and had sushi at the new sushi place at the Hilton, before getting ready for another party! ^_^

I met Carl again at this one - geeze was he different - it was such a shock with what he'd done to his hair!! O_O

Before the party got started (the Masquerade was on - lots of party goers were there!), we watched (literally watched - we couldn't hear a smegging thing!) the Masquerade on the Hilton's closed circuit tv. All I can say was that the best bit was seeing Widya Santoso (the Aussie (pronounced 'Ozzie') MC - probably the only other Australian there!) getting up on the stage and dirty dancing to "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?!" with some poor otaku who was dressed as Pen Pen! (Widya was dressed as Shinji's father... you probably didn't want a mental picture of this, but there's a photo of it down below! *smirk*) Ah, Widya, Widya, Widya!!!

(He also seems to have an unusual accent... I don't know if he was trying to put on some American accent, but he definately doesn't sound like any of the Australians that I talk to! Maybe it's just a Canberra thing... (for those of you who don't know, Canberra is the Capital of Australia. No, it's not Sydney and it's not Melbourne - it's Canberra, about half way between the two, where all the piliticians live!)

Anyway, this party went on till the wee hours on the morning again, and I left early because I was dead tired... seems I missed out on a few things. But, oh, well! I was happy (and tired) and went straight to sleep after getting to my hotel room.

Anime Expo '99 (Day Fourteen)
Anime Expo '99 (Day Sixteen)

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

Damon, Trish and Me Damon, Trish and Me in the Dealer's Hall.
Kawaii Kawaii - isn't she adorable?
AD Vision panel AD Vision panel - me talking to John Ledford from AD Vision
Myself Myself at the AD Vision panel, sporting the cool, new "zombie" look. :p
Hitomi Hitomi from AnimeMUCK, being a Viz Slave for the day.
Poor Toshi Poor Toshi, all by himself.
Toshi and Bill Toshi and Bill doing the panel thing.
Toshi and Bill again Toshi and Bill again, answering questions.
Toshi, Besh and Dana and Eileen Toshi, Besh and Dana and Eileen at the spa!
Toshi, me and the couple Toshi, me and the couple at the Hilton spa.
Kit Kit at the spa.
Widya Santoso Widya Santoso dirty dancing with Pen Pen!!
Carl Carl, at the party, sporting his new hair style.
Frank Dubois and Shin-chan Frank Dubois and Shin-chan - Frank is Shin's bro (Shin has a lot of 'bros' and 'sisters'!) from a Japanese mag company called Studio Hard.
Nickey and Toshi Nickey and Toshi - I wonder how much she remembers of the party, and if Toshi's arm ever woke up after that night!!

Thanks to Kevin and Shin for some of the photos!

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