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ContikiAnime Expo 2000

Well, here's a day by day report on both my Contiki and AX trip(s)!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

30th June 2000

I got something of a sleep in, but it's weird - when I need to sleep in, I can never do it, however tired I am. I can't go back to sleep after I wake up, either... :/

Ah, well. The only thing to do was to go get ready for the day! (And hope to survive the party that night... I already knew that one was on, so I was right. ^_~ )

I did a bit of a wander to go see if I could find anyone I knew. I knew that Trisha was going to meet me later, after she'd finished work, so I knew that I'd see her at least, during the daylight hours. (The ones from last night seem to only come out after dark. ^_~ )

After wandering around, and getting my bearings, I stumbled apon Theo (Shige-chan) and used his mobile to call Trisha. (I didn't bring my mobile phone - I hate the way roaming works - the charges for the calls go to me, not the people who make them! Grr!)

The day time wasn't really the exciting bit for me, if you couldn't tell... other than the great view from my room (where I could sit and watch people, and check out all the non-Disney costumes!), I basically wandered around trying to find people I knew. Considering the size of the place, it was amazing that I ever found anyone!! But I did, and that's the main thing.

When wandering around, Trisha, Theo and I came across Toshi with invites to the Ultra Lounge party... heh, being female and cute, we got tickets and poor Theo missed out. ^_~

By dinner time, Trisha, Theo and Ed (who was with Theo) and I all went to dinner. I knew everyone from either AnimeMUCK or the FFML, and had met Trisha and Theo before.

We took Trisha's car and drove over to The Block at Orange, and had dinner at Alcatraz. (How did we get to San Francisco so fast?! ^_~ ) where the meals were huge, as always, but nice.

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel, where we parted company. Then Trisha and I got ready for the party. Unfortunately the ticket didn't tell us what time the party started, so we were a tad too early. We went to the dance to fill in some time instead!

The dance's music, IMO, left a lot to be desired, but Trisha and I had fun dancing, anyway. ^_^

We ended up with a few fanboys who asked to dance with us (asked?!?) and Theo turned up after a bit, too. Heh, he was the one who handed out glow sticks. I like things that glow in the dark. ^_^

By the time the party was meant to be under way, we left the dance and headed back up the stairs to the 'Ultra Lounge'!

And boy was it the ultra lounge!

About the size of three (four if you count the bedroom, which I didn't see) normal Disneyland Hotel rooms... kitchen, dining area, lounge area, bar, 'outdoors' are (which was really indoors, except minus the roof)... geeze, I wish my room was like that!!

Anyway, we helped with the party (even if it wasn't much) by sometimes serving the food or whatever... though Trisha helped out a lot by making sure that people tipped for their drinks! *grin* I wasn't so game... ^^;

Anyway, I thought Friday night was the best Ultra lounge party - not too many people, the people were all fun, and I didn't have fanboys hanging all over me. Great night all round. Good drinks from the three Iron Bartenders, lovely room to sit in... massage circle... friends... if only that night could have lasted forever!! As it was, I ended up going to bed after 4am. It was the best night!!

Man, I want to go to another of those parties again - down to the drink menus, it was all fantasic, fun and friendly. As the parties should be!!

Day Fourteen
Anime Expo 2000 (Day Sixteen)

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

The Swimming Pool The Swimming Pool - This is the view from my hotel room - the swimming pool! It was fantastic, and a great room, just for the view of the pool (rather than a view of the car park)...
Me, Trisha, Theo and Ed Me, Trisha, Theo and Ed - We headed off out of Disneyland for dinner, and went up to The Block at Orange, and ate at Alcatraz there. The nice waiter took our photo. ^_^
Theo Hua Theo Hua - All dressed up as Ogami (from Sakura Taisen) ready go run around the Disneyland Hotels in costume.
Richard and Besh Richard and Besh - For some reason, it looks to me like they're attempting to make a Richard-Besh totem pole...
Echoes of 99 Echoes of 99 - Here's the massage party during the Ultra Lounge party! *grin*
Bob and Toshi Bob and Toshi - Hmm, Bob wasn't quite in shot (photos taken at parties - what can you expect?!) but he's dressed up as Komei (from Giant Robo) while bar tending.
Me and Scott Me and Scott - A bad photo of us. Don't remember who took the photo, but it's at a bad angle. :p
'Outside' 'Outside' - This is the unroofed room at the Ultra Lounge - it's in doors, yet outdoors at the same time! (Guess where all the smokers went to smoke...)
Richard Kim Richard Kim - Posing for a photo at the Ultra Lounge.
Toshi (and Besh) Toshi (and Besh) - Both of them are cracking up over me missing a photo of the two of them, a few seconds before. Stupid camera refuses to take photos if it thinks it's too close to the subjects... feh...
Toshi at the Bar Toshi at the Bar - He really does bartend at these parties, you know... and this is proof!

Thanks to Mike for some of the photos!

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