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ContikiAnime Expo 2000

Well, here's a day by day report on both my Contiki and AX trip(s)!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

1st July 2000

This day, Trisha decided that she was going to Cosplay! She dressed up in her Shampoo costume, did her hair and picked up her double bladed light sabre. Voila - Darth Shampoo!

After a bit of a wander, our first port of call was the Viz panel. You could tell who was at the Ultra Lounge the night before, by the sunglasses the guys on the panel wore. ^_~

We'd met up with Theo and all sat and listened to the panel (the only panel Trisha and I attended during AX!), and all felt that a certain guy (or was there two), should have been whacked over the head with the light sabre, and dragged out of the panel. Stupid person, really. All he did was whinge and complain.

Seems that there is one, every year!!

Anyways, after the panel we went for a walk - Trisha to show off her costume - and took photos at the waterfall area of the hotel. ^_^

Trisha went off to do whatever, while I had the pleasure of finding the washing machines. Hrm. There were only two for the whole Disneyland Hotel. So I had to wait. Eventually a guy came along and got his stuff out, so I could start.

I left Trisha and Theo and went to do my washing. (Yay.)

While my stuff was washing, I went off to the Dealer's Room and found Shin-chan. He invited me to lunch with some of hie friends, and we had some of the food that was provided expensivly for us. I took some of the pizza, as it wasn't too expensive. It was okay, but you can't expect much when it's sitting on a trolley.

Half way through lunch, I had to run off and put my washing in the dryer!

But at least I got to eat AND get my washing done, too!

After lunch, and the others went (Shin-chan had a meeting to go to), I wandered around for a while (my clothes drying, drying, drying), and found the ever elusive Linus Lam! He doesn't want his photos online, so I'll be nice... (plus, I look horrible in that shot, anyway. ^^; )

I met back up with Trisha, and we went to hang out at the dealer room together. That wasn't too bad - we got to watch Maison Ikkoku, talk to some of the people from the party last night, and pose for photos! And we got to see Toshi working! O_O

*grin* (He's never at the booth, you see...)

Trisha and I tried to go find a Himeya Soft fan ('hentai fan') as we had one from last year... I saw people carrying them around, but when we got to their booth, it was closed. Didn't find any fans... :(

It seems there were a few more places closed down, and here's why - J-List and AX.

Dinner this night was at Hooke's Point.

Being at Disneyland Hotel, it was expensive... but I found something yummy to eat. It was only an entree (appetiser, for you Americans), but it was quite filling for me!

Besh, Trisha, Jono, Matt, Tony and Bob were there (Toshi had a meeting or something to go to)... Trisha forgot to show her Annual Passport, so we didn't get the 10% off the meal. Oh, well!! It was good, anyway.

After dinner with the guys (poor Trisha had a headache), it was party time again! Off we went, back to the Ultra Lounge.

(You'd have thought it was our room, not Mike's! *grin*)

That night was another Ultra Lounge party night! Yay!!

This time I dressed up, and Trisha came in her Shampoo dress. ^_^

Amazingly enough, this time there was no massage party, but there was dancing instead!

Kit and I somehow managed to get into a theological discussion, too. I can't remember how it started, mind you... but I do remember sitting 'outside', and having a long discussion about Christianity and the right and wrong ways that people go around trying to convert others... among other things. I'm not sure how much Toshi (or the others in the room) enjoyed listening, but it was a good conversation. A conversation that neither of us expected to ever have at a party, at the Disneyland Hotel, at AX2000!

The down side of this party was that this time I managed to have not one, but three drunk fanboys drooling all over me, with their video camera! Gyah. Every time I walked past the couch, they were calling me, trying to get me to pay attention to them! Bleh. They were even trying to kiss me on the lips! BLEH!

Hugging friends is one thing, but having strange drunkards (or even just strangers) trying to hug and kiss you is a completely different matter!

Tip to pass on to any drunk (or otherwise) fanboy: If a girl doesn't want to be hugged, don't hug her!

Other than the three stooges, it was a good night, yet again, thanks to the guys who ran the party, and the one who had the room.

And another 4am end of the day for me!

Anime Expo 2000 (Day Fifteen)
Anime Expo 2000 (Day Seventeen)

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

Viz Panel Viz Panel - The only panel Trisha and I attended during the whole four days of Anime Expo! (Thank goodness it started at midday... but note the sunglasses on the two who'd been at the Ultra Lounge the night before...!)
Darth Shampoo Darth Shampoo - Trisha, dressed up as Shampoo. The addition of the double bladed light sabre added 'Darth' to her character name. ^_~
Koi Koi - The koi at the Disneyland Hotel koi pond. Very appropriate for Anime Expo.
Attack! Attack! - Gyaah, run away, run away! Darth Shampoo is attacking me in the Dealer's Room!! O_O
Oh, My! Oh, My! - What's this?! Kit, in shock, because Toshi's actually ... working at the Viz booth!!!
Tony and Bob Tony and Bob - Tony, dressed up as a Knight from Five Star Stories (or, alternatively, Elvis if you're not into anime), and Bob as Komei again.
Besh Besh - Bartending at the Ultra Lounce party!
Scott and Shin Scott and Shin - Posing at the Ultra Lounge. Hmm... interesting place to hold your cup while posing for the camera, if you ask me...
Toshi and Myself Toshi and Myself - Toshi's dressed casual, but I'm all dressed up and elegant for the Ultra Lounge party this evening!
The Iron Bartenders The Iron Bartenders - Toshi, Besh and Bob! Thanks for bartending for us, guys!
Ultra Lounge Dancing Ultra Lounge Dancing - There was some dancing going on - it wasn't all drinking! ^_^
Outdoors, Inside Outdoors, Inside - This photo was taken, interrupting a theological discussion that Kit and I were having, with the others listening in... (See? Definately not just drinking!)

Thanks to Theo and Mike for some of the photos!

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