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ContikiAnime Expo 2000

Well, here's a day by day report on both my Contiki and AX trip(s)!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

2nd July 2000

Today we'd arranged to all get together at the spa and actually visit it, sit in the sun and have a relaxing time, basically.

(As the saying goes - Con?! What con!?)

Jono, Trisha and myself got there first, and took our places at the spa. Ah, the spa. Looked great. Looked warm. Lots of bubbles... but it was tepid.

The tepid tub! Why was it tepid? They'd only just refilled the spa that morning, so it hadn't had a chance to heat up, yet. Nothing like the spas at the Hilton at AX99 and AX98, but it was still fun. ^_^

Eventually we met up with Tony, Matt and Bob, and headed to the Lost Bar (where else?!). We popped into the near-by shop to see what was what, and maybe buy a few souvineers... AND to get Besh and Tony some swimming trunks so they could actually go in the spa!

Returning to the pool area, we got drinks and just hung out together, with me trying to ignore the weirdo pervert guy in the spa, who was intent on staring at my breasts, thinking that I wasn't watching. Subtlty 0, Pervert 1. -_-

Other than that it was great, especially after he left!

There was the statue of the Little Mermaid, which we all had fun laughing at... either by Trisha covering it with her towl, because it was staring at her (and then the guy who worked here getting the towl and unovering her again!), or at the various things that was said or done to her during our stay at the tepid tub! Making fun of Disney at the Disneyland Hotel is a lot of fun!

The highlight of the spa, though, was when we saw someone up at the Ultra Lounge room, looking out the window. I didn't know who it was, but we all started waving. It had to be someone if they were in Mike's room!

After a little bit, a few more heads poked over the edge, and there was a camera there. Adding two and two together, I realised that it was Yu Watase up there, being interviewed with Toshi translating!

Heh, we thought he'd kill us when he got down to the spa. But when he did come down, he didn't even know it was us lot who were waving... and, anyway, we'd made Watase-san happy with our waving to her! Yay!! ^_^

Later on, we all met up at the Lost Bar again (it was the place to be seen! ^_~ ) and this time a bride and groom went past, in the Cinderella coach. Awwww... it's sweet, even though I'd rather a more romantic setting than Disneyland. But it was nice to see... cute couple.

Pizza was on the menu for tonight, and this is where the term 'harem' came into use. Everyone went to my room and we had pizza and watched tv. Just the fact that it was me and Trisha and the guys, it was like it was our harem... and so it was! A pizza-eating, tv-watching, doing-nothing type of harem! ;p

After dinner and tv, we went back to hang out at the Lost Bar again, for a while, and chatted and watched the fire works... then it was back to the Ultra Lounge!

Tonight Yu Watase turned up, but she didn't speak to anyone, and she left really early. :(

Rica Fukami was there, and she was really nice. I had a drunk Japanese male guest who was my pervert for the evening, and she helped to save me from him, at least some of the time!

I wasn't really feeling so hot this night - for some reason a knot in my back started giving me trouble and wouldn't stop. I got massages from Scott and Shin-chan and anyone else who'd give me one (including the drunk), but my poor back wouldn't fix. Mike even got me up to dance for a bit, but I was in too much pain.

I ended up in the kitchen with a towl that had been dipped in boiling water, and put on my back. My dress was black, so it didn't matter, getting the back of that wet. I stayed for a long as I could, though, but... by 2am, I'd had enough.

I'm sad that I wasn't feeling up to enjoying the night... but it took me long enough to fall asleep, anyway.

Anime Expo 2000 (Day Sixteen)
Anime Expo 2000 (Day Eighteen)

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

Cinderella and her Prince Cinderella and her Prince - Well, a bride and a groom, anyway, in the Cinderella coach, going through the Disneyland Hotel grounds. How sweet. ^_^
Bob, Tony, Jonno, Besh, Me, Matt and Trisha Bob, Tony, Jonno, Besh, Me, Matt and Trisha - Part of the 'harem' posing for a photo, at the Ultra Lounge (where else?!)
Rica's friend, Me and Tony Rica's friend, Me and Tony - Another Ultra Lounge shot. This time I'm in a little black dress. ^_^
Rica and Myself Rica and Myself - She was dressed under that robe - Rica only put it on because she was cold. (I should have taken a top... my poor back started acting up, in part due to the cold I think...)
Toru Kubo (producer of Sakura Taisen), Me and Rica Toru Kubo (producer of Sakura Taisen), Me and Rica - At the Ultra Lounge party, posing for the camera!
Bob, Mike, Toshi and Besh Bob, Mike, Toshi and Besh - The Ultra Lounge Iron Bartenders and Mike, the one who provided us with the Ultra Lounge! Yay, guys! ^_^
Silly Time Silly Time - I think most people had been drinking a tad too much... I was dragged into the pic by the guy on the right, and I dragged Shin along to save me from these drunkards! ^_~

Thanks to Mike for some of the photos!

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