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ContikiAnime Expo 2000

Well, here's a day by day report on both my Contiki and AX trip(s)!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

4th July 2000

Finishing packing, we had to be out by midday. We dragged our luggage down, and I checked out of the hotel.

Ernest, Trisha, Jono and I met up at the hotel lobby, as planned. But Besh hadn't turned up yet. We waited around for ages and ages, and after two or three calls, he still hadn't turned up, so we decided just to go without him.

There was also the fact that we were told that Richard would be turning up, too. Basically, there was a huge kerfuffle about arranging to meet. Richard, as it turned out, wasn't turning up at all. Someone was dreaming when they gave us that info!!

But when Ernest, Trisha Jono and I all got to Disneyland (Jono stayed behind for a bit to see if he could wait for Besh or Richard!), we just went off to go for the rides. Bad Besh would have to find us himself. ;p

First thing, we hit Space Mountain! Because it was still early, the queues were all short, so it wasn't long before we got on the ride! I remember talking about Tim Tams in the queue, though... Aussie chocolate biscuits, for those of you who don't know what they are!

We also headed off to the Haunted Mansion (still probably my most favourite ride at Disneyland!), and then the Pirates of the Caribbean! These rides are cool. ^_^

Besh was meant to meet us at the Blue Bayou, so we waited around for a little while (and got our photos taken outside Club 33! Mike actually went in to Club 33 a few days later! Bad Mike didn't go to Disneyland with us, so we didn't get in... *sniff*) before deciding that Besh wasn't going to turn up. We queues for a table, and Trisha left her pager on, just in case Besh did turn up while we were at lunch.

I think I like Creole food, now, even if it is a tad on the spicy side. ^_^

It was after lunch (and a little running around) that we finally met Besh. The boy didn't get his arse out of bed, and buggered up our morning just because he's soooooooo lazy!!!

Ernest left - he had to go home... and so we were a group of four again.

We grabbed some tickets for the Indiana Jones ride, for later in the day, and headed off to see the rest of the place.

Trisha and I made Jonno and Besh go on the It's a Small World ride! This was a punishment for Besh, but we thought it was funny to make the guys go on it, anyway.

o/~ It's a small world, after all ... o/~

Another of the rides we had fun on was the Mr. Toad's Wild Ride one! Heh, that was fun, though Besh mentioned that it was even more fun while still drunk!

We made it back to the Indy ride in time, and got in the Fast Queue, and laughed at everyone else who was in the normal queue, taking ages to get to their ride, while we didn't queue till the very end! *grin*

Afternoon tea, and watching the Disneyland parade go by... we weren't too interested in that, and mostly bagged everything that went past! But that's the way to amuse yourself for a while.

Besh decided to stay at Disneyland, but Jono and I had to catch different planes back to Australia... and Trisha kindly offered to drive us to the airport. (LAX - what a wonderful place! ;p )

So the last of us remaining had to say goodbye... I was already getting con withdrawal...

Jono and I had a drink at the airport bar (after my over an hour wait in a short queue to get rid of my luggage!!!! He went to Air New Zealand and was back again and done, before I got out of the queue! It seems it was Queue Day today...), and then we said goodbye...

And it was back home to Australia... Bye bye, AX! Bye bye, America! Bye bye, my friends!

The plane trip back was non eventful, and I managed to get a lot of sleep, even though I wasn't that confortable (yay for winged headrests, though!)... but the transfer in New Zealand was cool - I managed to pick up the Shiseido eye shadow I wanted, and didn't think I'd have enough money for! Yay!

I was picked up at the airport, in Melbourne, by my parents and my boyfriend... and Daniel thoughtfully provided me with my much needed bottles of V.

I was home again, in cold, cloudy and rainy Melbourne... with a tan! I can't wait for summer!!!

Anime Expo 2000 (Day Eighteen)

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Club 33 Club 33 - A rather out of focus shot of Ernest, myself, Trisha and Jonno outside the exclusive Club 33 in Disneyland.
Blue Bayou Blue Bayou - This is the outside-inside Blue Bayou at Disneyland - we're indoors, but it looks like we're outside on a beautiful, warm evening!

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