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Anime Expo 2001 - 10 Year Anniversary

Well, here's a day by day report on my AX trip!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

5th July 2001

The first day of Anime Expo!

We woke up way too early and dressed in our Chinese dresses and went to meet Scott, Nickey and Heidi down at their room. The two girls, Trisha and I were going to be 'Scott's Angels'! After waiting around and finishing getting ready and putting on makeup and getting our new badges, we all escorted this year's Guest of Honour - Scott Frazier - from the Hyatt to the Convention Centre.

I swear there was some moron telling us and Scott that we had to walk all the way around to the front (rather than getting in the glass door near the eatery and dealers' room) because they didn't accept the 'Guest of Honour' badge that Scott had! Imagine if one of the Japanese guests went that way, and was turned back and forced to walk all the way around the front of the convention center (passed all the fanboys) to get in to go to the Green Room!

Thank goodness we were walking with Dana, who had both a Dealer and Industry badge, and so we managed to get in. Though I still think it's pretty dumb to not let GoH in the closest entry from their hotel, and make them go past the lineup of fanboys, who might mob them. :p

But I digress. We ended up getting in and going to the Green Room, where all the guests waited before the Opening Ceremony started. I met a few of the Japanese Guests of Honour and even had Inoue's daughter want to come and sit on my lap for a photo. The little girl was soooooooooo cute! ^_^

Soon, everyone trooped out to find our seats. I ended up sitting in the front row next to Trisha and Yu Watase (who coughed during the whole opening ceremonies till she went on stage. She probably continued coughing up on stage. I asked her 'daijoubu desu ka?', and she looked around as if I was talking to someone on the other side of her. How odd... I think she eventually nodded, but didn't speak a word to me. Kinda rude, but oh well. What can you do?)

When it was Scott's turn to go on stage, Trisha, myself and Heidi (Nickey went off to sit in the audience and take photos. Unfortunately the photos didn't turn out, and I didn't ask Toshi to take photos with my camera - he was busy working, doing looking after Watase). We girls escorted him on stage and poses to a (not-quite-standing) ovation from the audience!

What a rush. ^_^

I've found two sites mentioning this:

Heh... they've since changed it to something that is obviously not made up from fairy-tale land! Trisha isn't married to Scott!!! ^^;;;

Heidi and I watched the rest of the opening ceremony together, then when the other two came back, at the end, we all headed off to have lunch at the eatery in the Convention Centre. As we sat and ate (waiting for Nickey), we watched all the people queueing up to get into the dealer's room, which was rather entertaining I must say. When the coast was clear, we all went and (still dressed in heels and Chineses dresses) headed into the dealer's room ourselves, without having to queue.

But a word of advice - heels on the hard, concrete floor of the dealer's room aren't a good combination. :p

Having had enough with the walking, Trisha and I headed down to the spa (after picking up Jono on the way - he slept in and didn't go to the opening ceremony, the bad boy!). No Anime Expo is complete without a spa! It wasn't the Hilton spas, but it was better than the Disneyland Hotel 'tepid tub'!

While in the spa, I was hit on by the youngest of Robert J. Woodhead and Natsumi Ueki's sons (from AnimEigo, who also runs a very helpful website promotions tool webpage). Alexander, I believe. He was so cute, though... only five years old, and already hitting on women! ^_^

We met up with others - Theo, Tony and his girlfriend, Matt and Heidi, Brad, Marco, Kevin (Studio Ironcat) and Toshi. People came and went, but most of us ended up deciding to go to dinner together, after getting changed that evening.

Trisha and Brad led us to Hooters.

I found out that the people who frequent that establishment do not go for the food.

That night was the first night of the 'Astro Lounge' - it wasn't the 'Ultra Lounge' from last year, but it wasn't too bad. The room was much smaller, and there were a number of people I didn't know... but it was good to meet up with most of my friends there, hang out chatting, drinking and having fun! ^_^

It was probably 6am by the time I got to sleep...

Pre Anime Expo 2001
Anime Expo 2001 - Day 2

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

Guest of Honour and 'three very beautiful women' Guest of Honour and "three very beautiful women" - Heidi, myself, Scott and Trisha posing for the camera before making our way to the Convention Centre.
Scott and Three of His Angels Scott and Three of His Angels - Trisha, Heidi, Scott and myself in the Green Room before the Opening Ceremony.
Scott's Other Angel Scott's Other Angel - Nickey went to sit with the audience at the Opening Ceremony, so we took her photo because she couldn't be with us...
Kikuko Inoue, Her Daughter and Myself Kikuko Inoue, Her Daughter and Myself - Isn't the little one so cute?! She already knows how to do the V for photos. ^_^
Anime Legspo!? Anime Legspo!? - Well, that's what a friend of mine called it ... The photo taker was male, if you couldn't guess. ^_~
The First Guests of Honour The First Guests of Honour - I couldn't use my new zoom very well, because the Guests of Honour were too spread out...
The Second Guests of Honour The Second Guests of Honour - I could have zoomed in a little more here, but for some reason I didn't. Oh, well.
Japanese Voice Actors Japanese Voice Actors - During the opening ceremonies a number of Japanese voice actors, actresses and students performed a 'live' dub for us!
In the Dealer's Room In the Dealer's Room - Trisha, Scott and I met up with Jono, then Meri, Shin and Christina in the dealer's room... it's amazing how we find each other!
Jono and Theo Jono and Theo - Posing for the camera, in a rather washed-out photograph, by the spa.
Kevin and Trisha Kevin and Trisha - Relaxing in the spa was something that one must do - at least once - at every Anime Expo.
Brad Brad - You could always go for a swim, as Brad did, but it's so much colder than the spa!
Matt and Heidi Matt and Heidi - Though not pictured at the pool, they did go in at one point or another. ^_^
Tony and Atsuko Tony and Atsuko - They didn't go in - the pikers! - but at least they came to hang out for a while, by the spa.
Toshi Toshi - And some people can't stand the light so needed their sunglasses on, even if they didn't come in to the water, either! (He was 'on duty'...)
The Astro Lounge The Astro Lounge - It wasn't as big as the Ultra Lounge, but it sure was bigger than my room. Mike had a small entertaining area here!
Trisha, Brad, myself and Marco Trisha, Brad, myself and Marco - Don't we make a colourful group? ^_^ This was taken at the Astro Lounge party...

Thanks to Dana for some of the photos!

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