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Anime Expo 2001 - 10 Year Anniversary

Well, here's a day by day report on my AX trip!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

6th July 2001

This was my day for the most panels that I've ever been to at AX! I went to two today!!!

First it was the Viz panel (after something of a sleep in due to the party the night before)... Another panel where Toshi wore his sunglasses! Bill didn't, though. I guess he went to bed early! *grin*

The big news was that Viz is going to be releasing the English version of the Inuyasha anime. We got to see Toshi's trailer of the English dub... though the voice actors and whatnot haven't been figured out yet, but it was great for a two week job. Except for the advertising at the end. That was just silly. But Toshi didn't write that, thank goodness. Blame the advertising-type people at Viz for that. ^^;

Next up we headed to the US Voice Acting panel, where I met Amanda again, and I'd probably met Talisen before, but I don't recall seeing him at any of the parties that I'd been to before. I also got to meet Jason and Mariette too... Mariette had been at the party the night before, but I didn't catch who she was. Heh... Amanda remembered me from the other year. (Must be my accent...) ^_^

Anyway, Trisha and I went back to our room to change, then we went for a wander. We ended up going through the dealers' room, to see if anyone we knew was there, and we ended up meeting Mariette by lunch time. We walked back to the Hyatt, and picked up some slices of pizza which we shared as we sat at a table behind the elevator and chatted. Mariette decided that she'd go back to her room for some much-needed rest, rather than join us at the spa, because she was planning on going to the A-kon party that night. I guess we'd had a touch more sleep than her, because Trisha and I decided to hit the spa again!

After a relaxing afternoon at the spa - meeting up with a few of the others again for a nice soak - we all headed up to Jono's room for dinner. Pizza! This time not the AX pizza, but real pizza from people who deliver pizza. ^_^

Then it was time to change for the party over at the other hotel. This was in Meri and Christina's room - as it was the A-kon party - so it was a bit of a walk away, but not too far. The room was packed! It felt like a sauna in there - there was a wall of heat that just hit you as soon as you stepped out of the entry way and into the room itself. Wow... There was a whole ton of drinks and snacks, but I didn't really feel like fighting my way in through all the people to get there, so I had a bottle of water. I really needed it in that room. ^^;

It wasn't long before we decided to head out. Too many people, a too weak air conditioner, and a few unwashed otaku in one room isn't a good combination. :p

Trisha and I headed to the Yard House to meet up with Brad, Marco and Toshi for a couple of drinks - we were outside in the blessed coolness - and just hung out there for a while.

Returning, we watched some cosplayers posing for a camera down near the Hyatt while the boys smoked (Trisha headed off to find Jono), then we left to relax in Brad's room for a while before retiring for the night. It was a pretty early night, compared to the other nights... But I think we needed it!

Anime Expo 2001 - Day 1
Anime Expo 2001 - Day 3

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

Izam from the J-Rock band Shazna?! Izam from the J-Rock band Shazna?! - I wondered who this strange girl was... in fact, it wasn't a girl at all. It was Theo dressed up as a guy who dresses as a girl in a Japanese band!
Viz Panel Viz Panel - Toshi and Bill at the Viz panel. It's a pretty bad photo - the lighting in the room wasn't the best...
Inuyasha Inuyasha - Viz announced that they were going to release the English version of the Inuyasha anime!
Escape from the Panel Escape from the Panel - Toshi, escaping his duty at the Viz panel, to go to look after Yu Watase. (I think we were all wearing sunglasses due to the party last night... Lack of sleep does that to you!)
The US Voice Acting Panel The US Voice Acting Panel - Other than some silly interruptions from the audience, this was a pretty enjoyable panel - especially the jokes from the panelists. I don't remember all the names, but there's Jason, Amanda, Talesin and Mariette. I don't remember the name of the dark haired girl next to Amanda, or the guy on the right hand side of the table, sorry.
Guess Who! Guess Who! - I caught the elusive LL (from LLNN) on film while he was taking photos at a panel! *evil laugh*
Izam and Toshiya Izam and Toshiya - Theo, still as Izam from Shazna, and his friend dressed up as Toshiya from the J-Rock band Dir En Grey
Myself, Mariette and Trisha Myself, Mariette and Trisha - We had pizza for lunch together, then posed together for the camera!
Me, Dressed in my Kimono Me, Dressed in my Kimono - Trisha and I both dressed up Japanese style again, and here's the shot of me in my pretty, silk kimono. ^_^
By the Pool By the Pool - Myself and Trisha, trying to tan for a while, rather than being in the water...
Trisha, Posing Trisha, Posing - After leaving the pool, Trisha posed 'Angel'-style for a photo wearing her sarong/wrap.
The Yu Watase Table The Yu Watase Table - At the Meet the Guest Reception, there are a couple of fans, Watase herself, her manager (I assume) and Toshi, doing his job.
Meri, Myself and Christina Meri, Myself and Christina - At the A-kon party. I was the only one out of the three of us not wearing a wig (obviously)... Aww......
Me and Brad Me and Brad - Outside the party room, we took a bit of a breather! It was so hot in that room!
Toshi and Cigar Toshi and Cigar - He loves his cigars... this was on the way back to the Hyatt from the Yard House.

Thanks to Dana, Kevin and Marco for some of the photos!

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