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Anime Expo 2001 - 10 Year Anniversary

Well, here's a day by day report on my AX trip!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

8th July 2001

Sadly, today was the fourth and final day of Anime Expo for this year. (It was too short!!) It's so sad when all your friends start leaving for home or to go back to work... and I was leaving the next day, which was pretty bad, too!!

But despite it being the last day, it wasn't until afternoon that I actually got up. I had plans to go with Trisha (and anyone else interested) to see the Queen Mary today... but she'd been called in to go to work!! Even though she'd asked for the day off, her work still told her that she had to come in! How unfair of the jerks there...

So instead of some sight seeing, I ended up wandering the dealers' room and seeing if anyone was around to say goodbye to. (The dealer's room was about an hour away from shutting by the time I got to it.) I did manage to run into Bill at the Viz booth, who was with Kia Asamiya... Bill suggested that I introduce myself, so I tried out my small amount of Japanese, and then Bill took over and - from the words that I could understand - he was explaining to Kia that I was a friend of some of the people from Viz. So I ended up having a photo with Kia, even if it wasn't a good one. ^_^;

Afterwards I met up with Heidi and Matt, and we went to Matt and Jono's room and watched "The Emperor's New Groove" DVD on his Play Station 2 that he'd managed to hook up. When Trisha finally finished work met her and some of the others and had drinks at the bar. It was a nice bar, even if they don't know how to make chocolate martinis (bleh!) Eventually she and Jono came up while the others went their own ways, and we saw part of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" before dinner. (Scott wanted to see that, but we had no idea where Scott was to even ask him to join us.)

Dinner was ordered from the bar, which we took up to our room (so much cheaper than what the restaurant was offering!) and we all sat on the beds and ate while we watched "Big Trouble in Little China"... but by half way through the movie, I was the only one awake. :p

I went for a quick wander down to the bar, to check if anyone was around, and saw Toshi... but he was working - he was there with Watase and her retinue - so I decided against disturbing him. Later on, I went down again just as he was going up the elevator with Watase and the rest... I did managed to ask him about the party and find out that it was, indeed, on in about half an hour or so. Yay! There was to be a party, not just sleeping after movies!!

I must say that this was the best party of the con. A small amount of people and heaps of fun! Heh... it's so much better with a smaller group when you know most of the people there. ^_^

I did take a whole heap of photos at this night's party... ^^;

Again, it was closer to 6am before I got to sleep... so hopefully falling asleep on the plane tomorrow night would be easy!

Anime Expo 2001 - Day 3
Post Anime Expo 2001

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

Me and Kia Asamiya Me and Kia Asamiya - D'oh - I was in the middle of telling Bill how to operate my camera when he took the photo!
Bob and Dave Bob and Dave - It's rather unfocused, but there's Bob and Dave at the bar!
Matt, Brad and Toshi Matt, Brad and Toshi - Poor, sunburned Brad... Doesn't he look like a lobster?! (That'll teach him not to put on sunscreen while on a long walk down the beach, without a t-shirt on!)
Myself and Toshi Myself and Toshi - Me and Toshi at the bar...
Mike, Taka and Toshi Mike, Taka and Toshi - Some of the guys, hanging out at the Astro Lounge.
Jono, Rob and Theo Jono, Rob and Theo - A slightly more drunk bunch of guys, hanging out at the Astro Lounge!
Trisha, Meri, Myself and Kelly Trisha, Meri, Myself and Kelly - And we can't forget the Astro Girls at the Astro Lounge! ^_^
Brad and Toshi Brad and Toshi - Heh, notice the colour difference? ^_~
Toshi Toshi - One time that he was not serving at the bar!
Me, Kelly and Trisha Me, Kelly and Trisha - Posing together for the camera.
No! Don't Take This Photo! No! Don't Take This Photo! - Toshi, telling Scott he doesn't want his photo taken while Kelly and Theo laugh at him.
Is't Good to be the GoH??? Is't Good to be the GoH??? - Scott and his girls - Trisha, Heidi, the man himself and Becca.
Working the Bar Working the Bar - Toshi's working again... doing his barman thing!
Trisha, Brad and Theo Trisha, Brad and Theo - Heh... I don't think Brad's too thrilled at this point in time.... Mwahahahahahahhahaha! Sunburned AND being kissed on the cheek by another drunk guy... ^_~
Tony and Toshi Tony and Toshi - And here's Toshi letting Tony do the barman thing for a while!
Me and Marco Me and Marco - The photo was, well, rather washed out ... and my skills at PhotoShop aren't the best, but this is the best that I can do. My t-shirt really doesn't glow in the dark like that...
Toshi, Obviously Not Working Toshi, Obviously Not Working - He's looking too happy here. Probably because he's not serving behind the bar or looking after Watase at this point in time. ^_^
Vicky, Toshi and Myself Vicky, Toshi and Myself - Again he's not working and surrounded by girls... no wonder he's happy!
Me, Mike and Trisha Me, Mike and Trisha - And here's Mike, surrounded by girls, looking rather pleased with himself!
Me Dancing Me Dancing - Well, I assume that is what I was doing at the time, as I remember this night there was some dancing happening near the stereo...
More Dancing More Dancing - Heh, Mike looks rather happy, still ... ah, these males! ^_^

Thanks to Marco and Scott for some of the photos!

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