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Anime Expo 2001 - 10 Year Anniversary

Well, here's a day by day report on my AX trip!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

9th July 2001

Due to checkout at midday, Trisha and I both woke at 11am. I got up and got ready, and started packing while she called downstairs and asked for a late checkout. (Damn, why didn't I think of that the night before!?)

Some time in the afternoon, after checking out and putting my bags in Trisha's car, the few of us who were left met up in Scott's room. Trisha, Jono, Scott, Matt, Heidi, Marco, Toshi and myself, and we all decided to head out for lunch at Hollywood!

Some other guy ended up going, but I've no idea who he was or why he ended up with us. (I just asked to get a name for the web page, and most people had no idea who he was - I finally found one person (Trisha) after the 4 or so that I asked who said his name was Rob.) I don't think anyone knew why he ended up with us, not even Trisha knew that one. At least he wasn't like the tag-along guy from '99 who I called 'Mr Octopus' because he was trying to grope any female near him. (This year's pervert didn't go near me, thankfully - he stuck to trying to corner (and terrify) girls in costume by slobbering over them. You should have seen the looks on the poor girls' faces! Bleh!) ^^;

Lunch was good fun! It was at Ed Debevic's, and the waiter had to get up and dance to 'YMCA' when the music came on. That was funny. The lunch was pretty good, too. And Talisen turned up later, just before we were leaving.

Because lunch was so late, the ones that wanted to go to Disneyland didn't have time, so we all headed out with Scott to different parts of LA. First stop was a costume shop right in Hollywood, which was interesting, but it was just a costume shop with some extra stuff to sell. Nothing too exciting, but Scott wanted to pick up a wig.

Unfortunately it was then Toshi's turn to leave. Marco drove him to an airport... ah, the party was dying one by one...

The rest of us hung around and went to different shops and places around the area. It was good to be with the others for a while longer, but when it was time for me to head to the airport - at about 8pm - everyone split up at the carpark. *sigh* So sad...

Trisha and Jono and I went together to the airport. (I've spent too much of my life at that airport, I swear!) I checked in and we three headed upstairs to have dinner together before I had to leave - *sniff* - to go to the gate to board my plane...

Of course, the plane was delayed so I was up till at least middnight before getting on. Thank goodness I was so tired that when the plane finally did leave (with me scoring an emergency exit aisle - leg room, yes!) I managed to sleep off and on most of the way!! (Then there was that horrible problem about the plane being diverted to Sydney when we were at Melbourne already, then waiting there at Sydney without being able to get off the plane for hours before going back to Melbourne again after Melbourne's fog had lifted, so I'd been on that plane for over 20 hours!)

Finally I was home again. Back in Melbourne's winter. *sigh* After being in summer with my friends from AX, being home again wasn't all that great. At least I was back to my own bed, though. That's something.

Anime Expo 2001 - Day 4
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Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

View from Scott's Room View from Scott's Room - The Queen Mary, off in the distance. What a cool view Scott had!!
Three Aussies Three Aussies - Three of the Aussies that attended Anime Expo 2001... Widya, myself and Jono. Hmm... looks like I was the odd-one-out being both female and not wearing an AX T-shirt! Oh, well. Maybe next year I'll get a T-shirt... but then again, maybe not. ^_^;;;
Lunch in Hollywood Lunch in Hollywood - Here we are at Ed Debevic's in Hollywood. Scott, Matt, Heidi and Marco in the front row, Trisha, Jono and Toshi in the second and Rob in the back. (I was taking the photo.)
Me and Toshi in Hollywood Me and Toshi in Hollywood - While the others were checking out a costume shop, I got a photo taken. Wow, blue sky... I thought the sky in LA was grey! ^_~
Bye, Bye LA! Bye, Bye LA! - See! It's grey! How did that blue get through!? So long, LA! 'Till next time!

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