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RPGing-related Photo Albums

(For more information about RPGing in Melbourne, go to Caligo Mundi.)

Winter Premium Weekend 2007 - Vampire
Winter Premium Weekend 2007 - Werewolf
My Birthday 2007
Costume & Other Random Photos
Denz's Birthday 2007
My Housewarming 2007
Premium Weekend 2007 - Mage
Premium Weekend 2007 - Vampire
Kate's Birthday 2006
Jade's Farewell Gothic Cocktail Party of Doom
Rhys' Party & Kerry's Hen's Night 2006
My Birthday Party 2006
Alex's Birthday Party 2006
Noctis Personae 2006 - Welcome & Farewell Dinners
Noctis Personae 2006 - Vampire
Carmela Saliba Noctis Personae 2006 - Werewolf
Noctis Personae 2006 - Mage
Conquest 2006
Ryan's Birthday plus Cameron & Tom's End of the World Party
Corsetry for Goth Clubbing
Caine & Alex's Engagement plus Kryal Castle
Beach Party 2006
Andrew & Jo's Birthday Party
Amber's Farewell BBQ
New Years Eve 2005-2006
Melbourne Premium Weekend 2005
Stewie, Nat and Jenni's Housewarming
Melbourne Mage 2005
Conclave 2005
Adam, Fi & Amber's Birthday Party 2005
My Birthday Party 2005
Melbourne Forsaken 2005
Noctis Personae 2005
Adam & Fi's Wedding
Conquest 2005
Adam's Bucks Party
The Flower Drum (including the arty photos Mitch took)
Adelaide Requiem 2005, Kristian's Party, Paintball Bruises & Road Trip Home
Laura, Scott & Simon's Housewarming
Connor's Farewell
Camarilla Beach Outing
Mandy's B'day Party
Melbourne Requiem Photos
Christmas and NYE Parties
Conclave 2004
Noctis Personae - From various years
RPGing or Parties - From various times
Adelaide Premium Session 2003

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