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ContikiAnime Expo 99

Well, here's a day by day report on both my Contiki and AX trip(s)!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

3rd July 1999

Ah, the joys of getting ready for a flight. I spend aaaaaaages packing and all, but of course I just had to pack everything except the kitchen sink!! All these things I couldn't live without ... I just had to take. Skin care products, toiletries, perfume, make up, books to read on the flight, paper and pens, etc, etc, etc. Then there was the clothing!!

Surprisingly, though, my bag was 5kg underweight. Instead of filling it, like I could have, I decided that I should save that space for any souvineers...

Finally I got to the airport at 9am for my 11am flight! Yay! Said my goodbyes to my family... (all except my brother was there. He was sleeping.) ... and got on the plane. Ah, 3 hours to Auckland ... an hour looking (but not buying) at the duty free shops there, and then 12 hours to LA!

The plane was pretty crowded from Auckland - LA, so I only got one seat to myself. *sigh* It was difficult to sleep, too. I kept on waking up because it was so uncomfortable - nowhere to put my feet.

If you couldn't guess, I was flying cattle class... err... I mean economy.

At least it was finally over, and I was in LA! Yay!!

And it was the 3rd of July again, earlier in the morning than when I left Melbourne - about 10:30am!

I lugged all my luggage from the airport (you just have to love LAX ... not!) to the shuttle bus stop, and waited. Finally the little shuttle came, and I got in with two other girls ... who were going on a Contiki holiday, like me - an Aussie and a British girl ... but they were doing a completely different tour to me - they were doing the Southern tours. :p

Oh, here's a pic of the Wild Western Tour map, so you can see where I went on the tour!

Wild Western Tour Map

We checked in at the hotel and found we had to wait around for the rooms. We were there *way* before 3pm check in ... so we went and ate and THEN returned and got rooms!

Has anyone ever tried to lift something that they consider 'too heavy' up a flight of stairs? Well, today was the first time of many. Practise for the rest of the tour!! I and and the other two girls, had to somehow magically get our luggage up a flight of steps to our rooms. There were no elevators. No bellboys. Manual labour on a holiday?!?! It shouldn't happen!!!

We managed without falling down, or losing our luggage down the steps, or without throwing out our backs. And I and the Aussie girl were sharing a room. The British girl went off to her room. We decided to meet at our room when she was settled in.

Yay for American television. Some stupid movie was on, very silly and sooooo predictable, was on. There was nothing else on, nothing else to do, so we all collapsed and watched the thing. Something with Tom Selek and some European girl who they thought was a murderer. Yay. :p

When that finally finished, we all decided to go outside by the pool, and vegitate there. Which we did, while the sun was still out.

By the time we were out of sun, it was time to go get ready to meet the others on our tours, at the bar next to the hotel. We went back, got ready... and went to the bar.

The Southern and Western tours were divided into two groups, and hence I and the other girls parted ways. I went over to the other group, and lined up to give passport info to the tour guide, whos name was Jill. And I met some of the others on my tour. I got to meet some of the people I'd been e-mailing with, before hand, too! Yay!!!

A group of us went to dinner (we were hungry) while others stayed in the bar. It was nice, eating and talking to the others, getting to know them a bit.

We also all found out how badly American bills suck - they don't seem to ever want to split the bill, and since we were in a large group, we needed a calculator to try to work out what everyone owed!! It wasn't as simple as just looking at the bill and counting out what you owed from the menu ... you also had to divide up the tax and then figure out about a tip, too!! Man, that sucks! What's wrong with them totalling up each order seperatly so we can actually have a hope of paying the right money??? *sigh* -_-

After dinner, well... it was time to go to bed. Jet lag and having to get up early the next morning don't mix.

Day Two

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

A photo of me with my suitcase A photo of me with my suitcase, packing the night before I left for my holiday.

I don't have the photos back of me at the airport at the moment, but when they are, I'll put them here!!

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