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ContikiAnime Expo 99

Well, here's a day by day report on both my Contiki and AX trip(s)!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

12th July 1999

Today, we got told again about needing "water, water, water!" for the Yosemite (said 'Yosamidie' as in Sam from the Bugs Bunny Show) hiking... so we all brought lots of water again. And power bars, too.

The drive to the park was a long one, because of the curving roads in the mountains... and because the park itself was so huge - it took ages to get from the gate to the Yosemite Valley Village!

But when we got through a tunnel in the road, we stopped to get photos of the beautiful area. The mountains on either side were covered in pine trees, and there were lots of water falls, and famous rock outcrops, such as 'Half Dome'.

When we got to the village, some of us went together on the little bus around the area, to go on a certain walk to some falls.

The walk was long and hot (and we needed plenty of "water, water, water" stops!), but the scenery was very pretty.

And there were squirrels everywhere!! They were so cute! ^_^ I got lots of photos of squirrels. There were also lots of these blue crested jay birds everywhere, too... so much wild life in the area! Supposedly there were bears and foxes around, too, but we never saw any.

We went to see the waterfall, half the group going ahead right up to the waterfall, but we turned back as we were the slower at walking group. We had lunch down the path a bit, where lots of people ate. Squirrels were everywhere there! Trying to eat everyone's food, and one even climbed on my lap to try to grab my food! They were not afraid of squirrels.

Even though there were signs everywhere saying "Do not feed the animals" and "A fed animal is a dead animal", idiot tourists keep feeding the squirrels. Which is why they are not scared of people. Now those squirrels won't be able to gather their own food, for when they need it ... so the sign is right - "A fed animal is a dead animal" ... and all those idiot tourists don't care!! -_-

Anyway, we then headed back down the path through the beautiful scenery, with all the animals around everywhere, and managed to get back to the coach on time for leaving.

We went back to Bass Lake, for a dinner on the lake on some boats! We all gathered on the pier, and then went on various small boats for a ride around the lake, (and some tossing water fights across the boats!) till the boats were all lashed together while we sat and ate pizza and talked. (And some of the Aussie guys decided to go for a swim, jumping into the lake, and trying to get others to go with them!)

The sunset over the lake was spectacular...

After dinner, we went to the hotel bar for a little while and talked, then off to a party in another chalet before going back to the rooms for sleep that night.

Day Nine
Day Eleven

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

Me at Yosemite National Park Me at Yosemite National Park - the place was covered with beautiful, tall pine trees.
A rainbow A rainbow created by a near by waterfall - a rainbow is the Contiki bus logo (well, design anyway)! ^_^
A squirrel A squirrel - they were so cute, and they were everywhere!
Squirrel and me Squirrel and me - it thinks I've got something in my hand!!
A squirrel trying to eat my food A squirrel trying to eat my food as I was trying to eat it myself!
It's my lunch! It's my lunch! But the squirrel doesn't realise that. ^_^
Us at Yosemite Us at Yosemite - Malcom, myself, Mireille and Eric.
Robyn, Godelieve and Hanneke Robyn, Godelieve and Hanneke on the boat.
A snap shot of everyone A snap shot of everyone on the boats - I'm sitting down, turning away about to take the photo above. :p
Sunset Sunset over Bass Lake.
Bass Lake Party Bass Lake Party - the people outside on the small balcony!

Thanks to Eric, Kathy and Robyn for some of the photos!

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