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ContikiAnime Expo 99

Well, here's a day by day report on both my Contiki and AX trip(s)!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

4th July 1999

Too early in the morning, we were all up and our bags on the bus, and we were off from Anaheim to San Diego. There were about 50 people on our coach - only one seat was free in the entire coach!! Jill said that this was the largest tour she's ever taken. It certainly had a lot of people on board.

We met (well, saw) the coach driver - Bob. It seems that this was a new coach, and his first time at driving it...

We got to hear our morning song (it got played every morning on the tour... well, every morning we were on the coach, anyway!) - Will Smith's 'Wild, Wild West' song... never got around to seeing the movie while I was over there, though. Ah, well!

And we were off to San Diego!

Most of the morning was spent driving through all the LA smog. (It looks like it's gonig to be an overcast day, like Melbourne in winter, but it's warm, and all that stuff isn't cloud - it's pollution! Icky!!) Part way through the morning we broke out of it ... into sun shine! Yay, a lovely day out side of LA!

When we got to San Diego, the first thing we did was get off the bus down by the water, at the edge of the city, and take a harbour cruise.

San Diego is a pretty city. It looks pretty, and it looks new and clean, compared to LA. Even if the airport was so close that the pilots have to miss buildings to land. The cuise was quite nice, in the sun, with a nice wind blowing.

One weird thing, though, was that the American flag was everywhere. Why? I mean, if they don't have a flag on buildings in the city, or on houses, would the people forget that they were in America?? I found this to happen everywhere in the US. (Except in tourist places, like Anaheim, etc) ... it's really, really strange.

The only thing that spoiled the view, besides all the millitary stuff everywhere, was the smog from LA. It looked like a storm coming in!! But that was all the smog! O_O

Anyway, after the pleasant cruise, we all got back on the bus for a tour of San Diego. We drove around the city, and over the curving bridge ('Coronado Bridge') and a stop for photos... then off to Tijuana for lunch!

Going over the border, you suddenly notice big differences in things. Over in Mexico, the buildings were all really old, and cracked... doesn't look like they'd seen a repairman, or a painter, in years... and almost everything was written in Spanish.

Down at the main street, all the people at the shops were yelling at you to come in and buy stuff, and it was very chaotic. They didn't care even if you said that you didn't want what was in the shop - they still kept calling for you to go in.

But I did get real Mexican food for lunch... and I didn't drink the water!

Afterwards, we went back to San Diego to our hotel, where we spent the rest of the time till dinner unpacking and then down by the pool. I found that I was sharing rooms with Robyn, a girl from Melbourne, who I'd been e-mailing with beforehand.

This evening, as it was the 4th of July, Jill said that we should all go to a place called "Dick's Last Resort" for dinner.

That was a fun place to eat. ^_^

There was napkins and stuff all over the floor, half the chairs were broken, the waiters and waitresses were impatient and rude, and we all got into a scrunched up napkin throwing fight. It was lots of fun!! The food wasn't bad, either.

Afterwards, we were meant to go watch the fireworks somewhere, but as our table was the last to be served, we were the last out and didn't manage to find the others, or see the fireworks. After a long walk, we returned to "Dick's Last Resort", and found the others already back. :p

(As a side note, after watching a video of a show I'd seen a while ago, with John English in it - Aussie actor for those who don't know... singer, too, as well - called 'HMS Pinafore' by Gilbert and Sullivan... the whole set (almost) and the clothing the actors wore were all read, white and blue. This representing the English flag... I'm wondering how many Americans, displaying red, white and blue at the 4th of July, realise that they could equally as well be displaying colours for England (and the UK), Australia and half a dozen other countries, too!! Oh, well... just a thought.)

I didn't do much else that night ... I was still tired. So that was the end of my day.

Day One
Day Three

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

See the San Diego Map and the Tijuana Map.

The San Diego skyline The San Diego skyline as seen from the boat.
Me on the cruise Me on the cruise, with the San Diego skyline in the background.
Shizumi, from the Contiki tour, and myself Shizumi, from the Contiki tour, and myself, on the cruise.
Coronado Bridge Coronado Bridge - it's not straight! (I guess the designed liked women... ^_~ )
Over the Coronado Bridge Over the Coronado Bridge - myself with San Diego in the background.
A Tijuana 'zonkey' A Tijuana 'zonkey' - no, it's not a weird, painted shark - it's a wierd, painted donkey, with it's head looking at the ground!!
Lunch at Tijuana Lunch at Tijuana - Anthony, Andrew, Robyn and Shizumi.
At At "Dick's Last Resort" - where we had dinner. Mireille, Eric, Shizumi and Robyn. (This image has been used on their San Diego website - click on and then the SANDGO plate and it's one of the ones in the centre main picture frame!)

Thanks to Robyn for some of the photos!

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