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ContikiAnime Expo 2000

Well, here's a day by day report on both my Contiki and AX trip(s)!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

26th June 2000

Today I visited the Polynesian Cultural Centre after a bit of a sleep in.

It was quite a long way from Waikiki, but the trip up was good and the bus driver was funny. (There was lots of beautiful scenery along the way, but being in a bus meant that the photos weren't great! Funny about that!!)

We got to the Centre a little while after it opened, and so we didn't manage to catch all the shows at each Village. In hind sight, I should have skipped the shows, and gone and seen/done each activity in each Village instead. (I'd been before when I was 12 years old, with my family, and I remember getting taught to hula - I missed that, this time!)

While you're there, make sure to watch the Imax show - if you miss out on that, you're missing out on what you paid for! I saw the Everest one. Supposedly it was exclusive to the Centre, but I saw it advertised when I got back home, for the Imax in Melbourne. Should have seen the Polynesian one, instead... oh, well!

There's also a Canoe Pageant (as you'll see in the photos below), with canoes from each of the cultures at the Centre. On each canoe, there's a dance or a story with music being performed, and it's quite interesting to watch. The seats along the river are crowded, so get there early unless you want to see the back of someone else's head!

At about 5pm, I headed to the Ali'i Luau, which I'd chosen to see. Compared to the Old Lahaina Lu'au, it was crap. The seating was bad (couldn't see the stage at all) and the food wasn't as good... I'd rather have gone see the villages and the Polynesian stuff on offer. Oh, well... I'll learn!

The good thing about the Luau, though, was that I got a shell lei. ^_^

Anyway, the "Horizons" show is not to be missed! It was fantastic!! Lots of fun and excitement. Different from the 'Ulalena show, but still great. Fire dancers and more! MAke sure not to miss it!! ^_^

It was night time by the time I was heading off... and by the time I reached my hotel, all I wanted to do was go to bed and sleep. It was a pretty full day of running around, after all...

Day Ten
Day Tewlve

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

Ali'i Ali'i - The ali'i (in the headdress) holds his hand out to a girl, depicting an old Hawaiian story.
Rainbow Dancers Rainbow Dancers - Yet another old Hawaiian legend being retold, this time on a canoe.
New Zealand New Zealand - This time it's New Zealand's turn to display one of their stories, at the Polynesian Cultural Centre Canoe Pageant.
Tahiti Tahiti - Tahitian dancers on the canoe, finishing their dance.
Tongan Wedding Couple Tongan Wedding Couple - one of the Tongan stories. The girl is wearing a traditional Tongan wedding dress.

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