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ContikiAnime Expo 2000

Well, here's a day by day report on both my Contiki and AX trip(s)!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

18th June 2000

Up at 7am. Yay! (Holidays are for sleeping in, aren't they?! Heh, this was by choice, too! Why? Because I wanted to climb up Diamond Head! Crazy, aren't I?)

But, anyway, we went off to Diamond Head with the group. (It was a free day today, but everyone wanted to go up Diamond Head!)

We got there by taxi. There being the bottom of the Diamond Hill trail. It was a long, hot and tiring hike, even with the can of overly inflated Red Bull I took along. Even with the energy bars and bottles of water. I'd rather pour the water over me than drink it!!

Uphill wasn't too bad, going up the paths. It was the stairs that was the killer. Ugh. I thought that my poor legs wouldn't ever be the same again after that! But when I finally made it to the top, it was so beautiful and cool with the wind, and the rest, and the wonderful views!!

The views were fantastic - Waikiki, houses on the island, beautiful blue and green seas and you can even see two other islands!

Hiking back down was easy, even going through the tunnels with the flash lights were much easier than the upward trip.

Getting back to the hotel, I decided that a swim was in order, to cool off from the climb. The two hotel pools were nice, but they were rather cold. *shiver* So I tried to tan, too. A few others came and went, but Nat and myself hung out at the pool for most of the time, till part of the group went off for surfing lessons!

Man, that was fun. I'd never surfed before, but I managed to stand up a few times and everything! (And fell off, lots, too!) The guys who taught the surfing were great, and lots of fun. But were my arms and shoulders ever sore from the paddling! And I got bruises on my ribs and ships because of the hard board. But I still had a blast!

(And I got sunburned shoulders, despite the sunscreen I put on... stupidly I didn't have a t-shirt on! I didn't even notice till after surfing. I ended up wearing my towl on my shoulders. It wasn't just me, either. Nat, Rob and Craig, too! We ended up running to one of the ABC Stores (No, not the Australian Broadcasting Corporation!), of which there was one or two on each block in Waikiki, and buying medicated alovera gel to stop the pain!!! Thank goodness for those billions of ABC Stores, that day!)

We ended up meeting for dinner with one or two other people from the tour, and had sushi for dinner. (It wasn't my pick! *grin*) It was near the hotel, and not too expensive. And they had yummy gyoza! But we were all dead tired from the surfing (most of the rest of the group went off and did their own thing in the afternoon, and missed out on surfing, the poor things!), so it was an early night again.

Packing came first, as it was out last day in O'ahu before moving on to the next island... then sleep!

Day Two
Day Four

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

View from Diamond Head View from Diamond Head - Blue-green seas, a pretty lighthouse and tropical green plants - just what you expect to see when you get to Hawaii!
At the top of Diamond Head At the top of Diamond Head - Well, you can tell that it's windy up there, but here I am, the blue-green waters behind me, off to the horizon.
Me and a View Me and a View - Still at the top of the Diamond Head crater, with the view of the non-Waikiki side of the island behind me!
O'ahu is overcrowde O'ahu is overcrowded - Look at all the houses covering the hills! I don't think that I could live here, so closely pack in together like that... I'd need a front and back yard, thank you very much! O'ahu isn't the island for me...
Waikiki from Diamond Head Waikiki from Diamond Head - Such a beautiful view of Waikiki. You really have to climb up the crater yourself, and see these view with your own eyes!
Surfing Surfing - Here's a group of people, surfing. (Not the Contiki group - they're in the water, lying on boards behind the waves!) I'm the one in the middle!
Me, Surfing Me, Surfing - Not a great shot (my camera's zoom sucks and the zoom on the scanner didn't help), but that's a close up of me on a surfboard, surfing on a wave while standing up! Yay!! ^_^

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