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ContikiAnime Expo 2000

Well, here's a day by day report on both my Contiki and AX trip(s)!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

20th June 2000

5.30am is a time of the morning that I do not want to see. But I saw it, thanks to a bunch of loud idiots clattering and yelling as they went past out room. How thoughtful of them. :/

A little bit of a nap, and it was time to get up at 6.45am. (Grr, I missed out on even an hour extra of solid sleep! Was not happy!) We had breakfast, and Nat and myself went off to the surf shop in another hotel, that opened at 7am, to get some rash shirts! (T-shirts that surfers wear to stop getting a rash on their stomachs due to the surf board wax.) Why? Because we're off to go snorkling today, and didn't want to get sun burned again! I so needed something to cover my poor shoulders!! These t-shirts were great for swimming in - they didn't float up around your face all the time, had a high neck, and looked pretty cool, too!

We went on a Zodiac (a dingy with a speed boat motor, so there was lots of wind and bouncing up and down as we went along!) up to Kealakekua Bay, where Captain Cook was killed. Along the way, we saw a huge slide, made of rock down the side of a hill, there the ali'i went down on really fast, low sleds that they made, for fun, games and competitions (despite the fact that it could have killed them).

The snorkling was great - it was beautiful (and thanks to my underwater camera that I bought, I have some pics to show you, though they're not as good as seeing it yourself!) I was expecting the coral to be bright colours, like the coral on tv, but they were pretty dull colours. It was the fish that were bright!

The Bay is protected here, and no-one is allowed to stand on the coral or feed the fish, so the ecosystem under the water in the Bay is the best in all Hawaii.

As it is the spot where Cook was killed, there was a monument to him, which you can see from the water, at the edge of the Bay, with a white obelisk. The monument is British soil, so there's still a bit of the UK in America! *evil grin*

During the afternoon, after we got back from snorkling, we all headed our seperate ways for the afternoon of free time. Nat and I wandered around the shops of the town, looking for souvineers to take home and give to family and friends. We also went and had a look at King Kamehameha's restored temple. No-one is allowed in it, but it was interesting to see... though it doesn't tend to hold your interest for long, as there's nothing happening there.

That evening, we all went out for drinks at a bar near the hotel. Some went bowling, but I was dear tired again (and Nat wasn't up for bowling), and we had to pack again... tomorrow we were leaving the Big Island for the next island on our trip!

Day Four
Day Six

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

Rob, Nat and Craig Rob, Nat and Craig - On our way, to go for some snorkling at Kealakekua Bay!
Inke and Myself Inke and Myself - On the Zodiac, we're heading out to the sea from the harbour.
Eel Eel - One of the many denizens of the Bay, making its way around the coral.
Yellow and Black Fish Yellow and Black Fish - Swimming around the coral are the pretty fish, who aren't scared to come near humans.
Striped Fish Striped Fish - Yet another example of the fish. Not all the photos looked that great, so this is but a small sample of the "underwater people" of the Bay.
Captain Cook's Monument Captain Cook's Monument - This is the British Soil in America, a monument to Captain Cook, who "discovered" Hawaii. (Not that many, many people didn't discover it before him, including the Tahitians, but anyway...)
Ken and Lilly Ken and Lilly - Taken on the return journey, while stopped by some cliffs made from lava. There used to be a lava tube there, but this section caved in!
Hale Nana Mahina 'Ai Hale Nana Mahina 'Ai - The "House from Which to Watch the Farm Lands" of Kamehameha.
Hale Nana Mahina 'Ai Info Read about the Hale Nana Mahina 'Ai, what it was for and how it was made.
Hale Mana Hale Mana - Kamehameha's temple ("House of Spiritual Power") at Kailua-Kona, sitting on a man-made platform, in the water.
'Ahu'ena Heiau Read about the 'Ahu'ena Heiau, the historic site restoration with information about the temple.

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